My Dream: Western Medicine Grows up and Cures Psoriasis and Cures Eczema Routinely

It is only a matter of time.  Altruistic western medical doctors in search of satisfying true cures will realize that cures are happening all the time with people following “natural” and “holistic” methods.  And just how powerful diet change as a tool really is.  And how detox protocols can deliver the goods routinely.  It is their business / profit model which will need to be revised to accommodate such kind of healing.  Hospital policy and medical education needs to be adjusted as well.

Here are some key things that need surmounting:

The drug companies – and every nonsense baggage that comes with them.  Aside from emergency trauma medicine, the rest of what they sell is in fact harmful to eczematics and psoriatics.  The problem is these behemoth corporations fund research and fund universities, so a disease cure industry needs to stand on its own feet without these drug companies.  Steroids as a flagship treatment for eczematics and psoriatics has got to be crucified.

Bad research, wrong research, twisted research – again funded by drug companies and others with special business interests.  Raw Paleolithic Diet is the ultimate diet.  Raw paleo / organic / wild meat is the super food all along with superior raw fat and raw protein and helpful bacteria.  Raw Fat is good for you.  Raw red meat is good for you.  Raw sea food is good for you.  Too much carbs is wrong for you.  Wheat should be branded public enemy number 1.  Cooked food daily is a detox challenge.  Recommending much fiber is wrong, cholesterol levels and manipulation is wrong.  For decades money interests have twisted everything upside down.  We live in a bizarro world.

Patent Medicine is the problem – the good news is that NONE of the patent medicines are of any use to eczema and psoriasis sufferers. It is the system of patent medicine that is at the crux of the misery of people because any cures must be profitable and to be profitable it has to be patented for a monopoly to exist. We can sidestep the whole issue for psoriasis and eczema because patent medicine is of no use here. Stop listening to the patent medicine pedlers. The problem is that the pedlers hold influence as to which doctor remains in the sweet location in the hospital. Remember that doctors must be profitable and that the hospitals must find the doctor profitable as well. There is a problem if a doctor cures patients without the hospital benefitting, so this is a business model challenge.

The doctors themselves – need to experience true health by being practitioners themselves.  Only by doing will they know how this logic works.  They need to do the diet change, they need to do the detox protocols, they need to do pollution avoidance and drug avoidance themselves.

There is a wide chasm to cross.  A few MDs I know have crossed over, some are curious, I believe the future is promising.  Hey, the current state of mainstream medicine treatment for eczema and psoriasis is just so bad, there is nowhere else to go but up!


  1. i agree, it is so bad and i work for the health system, the is no hope , the profit is so high and so easy, they have it all the victims/patients, the dreams, they designed to capture more victims/patients, the ignorance , it is a perfect crime,

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