Eczema Idea: Auto Detailing is the Operative Phrase to Clean Your Car

Here’s one for you drivers of old cars. You may feel your car is dusty or worse if it is MOLDY. You need to clean your car. Not just any vacuuming will do, it has to be AUTO DETAILING. You take your car to the nearest auto detailing center and you pay a couple of thousand pesos. These people are specialists in cleaning your car, every square inch, so that eczematics, asmatics, psoriatics can use it without allergic side effects.

This idea just came to me when my brother borrowed my car this morning. His car was said to be dusty. My first smell into the car and it smelled moldy… which is more dangerous. See Dr. Hulda Clark’s discussion on molds. Molds will make everyone sick.

This extends to your household. Get professionals to clean your house. Remove all the molds. Let the sunshine in and let the air flow.

You don’t have to sell off your car or your house. Most probably all it needs is some professional help. Your standards of cleanliness are not the same as the professionals.

Then there are the chemicals to avoid or the need to air out the chemicals. So coordinate with your professional. Choose your professional wisely.

Please go back to Dr. Hulda Clark’s book Cure for All Diseases and go to the pollution avoidance section.

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