Christian Completes 13 Liver Flushes – Is cured of Acne

Here is a very good acne success story by someone named Christian on These days it is easier for people to mentally form their own acne, eczema, psoriasis cure protocol because there is much available information out there if you knew where to look. Congratulations to you, Christian. Thank you to Curezone, thank you Andreas Moritz, thank you, Hulda Clark.

If you have only done 1 liver flush, you should know that is not enough… go on, go on. I personally did 20+ liver flushes for my eczema cure which I think now was excessive. IF I had known about high fat raw food diets I would have gone straight to raw foods and may have done just 10 liver flushes.

What’s the difference with acne and eczema? Not much. They are both alternative detox methods resorted to by the body.

Here is Christian’s story:

HI! I just completed my 13th flush and I am fairly certain I am done liver flushing finally!

My liver flushing journey began when I met a Colon Hydrotherapist and she recommended me Andreas Moritz ‘s, “Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush”’s my journey

I started flushing for a couple reasons. The big one being my acne. I had moderate acne for a long time 7years. And I had slowly been getting healthier and healthier over the past year and a half and my skin was looking great. Routinely about 75-90% cured depending on how I was eating. Which is THE biggest cause of acne and dermatologists are too blind to see that. I wish I could get enough funding and a good PR person and blow this up nationally to prove to everyone that you don’t have to take months of harmful antibiotics and buy a skin drying face peel to “deal” with acne.

The other reasons was I was lactose intolerant and I had Gallstones as I found out accidentally from a catscan I recieved years earlier in highschool when they thought I had internal bleeding from a freak hockey check. I had tried chinese herbs to disolve them but apparently that didn’t work and it smelled and tasted like blaalsdkjfalsdkjfasldfj lol.

Flush 1: It was last August when I did my first flush. I used the 6 day prep of no meats or dairy and no fats and I used 6-8tbs of raw apple cider vinegar instead of the apple juice Andreas recommends because it is too sugary for my candida. I am a blood type O and no proteins is very hard for me because my blood is sludgy and I need lots of exercise and the energy to rebuild from a solid animal source. anyways..I did the flush and out came NADA the next crushed. I had really hoped this would permanently cure my acne and this was off to a bad start. I was scheduled for my first colonic a couple days after and during that I thought I saw a lot of stones come out but I was such a rookie that they could have been mistaken for just poop. When she came in she said they could have been but now they were down the drain so who knows…

SO I was researching other things on my quest for optimal health (I’m a health nut) and future chiropractor (starting in the fall ’10 at National University of Health Sciences) and I decided to do an enema to clean up my digestive tract because I may have underestimated the cleanliness of my colon as that was cited as a potential problem.

I did the enema and out popped a toilet full of BIG stones! I couldn’t believe that almost 7ish days after I pooped so many out! I also got a lot of crystal chaffe that I read was normal during the first flush and was good that stuff was out of me because that can lacerate the bile duct lining and create discomfort…so.. The liver flush was back on!

Flushes 2-5: I was in my fall semester of my senior year in college and I did these a month apart from each other per Moritz’s recommendation and the prep and ACV and ES and OO/GF drink and all. I got a lot of stones..probably around 250-400 a flush. I’m serious I counted! And I am super curious about everything so I took a qtip and fished a few out of the toilet to see what was in them and they were semi hard green and had some interesting shades on green in the middle and a few black middles. One I kept in a jar to give to my doctor when I got back but it ended up just “melting” into nothing and that confused me a lil. My roommates thought I was crazy but we get along so well they turned it into a fun game of how many will Christian get today haha. I showed them one day my stones..yes they walked into the bathroom when I was done hahaha and they were so surprised I got my one roommate Nick to do 2 successful flushes and my other roommate is preparing to do one of his own!

Flushes 6-10: I found out about Hulda Clark and her easier way of flushing : ie no preparation of no animal meats for 6 days before and decided to try it because I needed to make this flush as easy as possible for young people interested in clearer skin. That way I could help them without it being completely over their heads. I did take shots of ACV for a couple days before to ensure “softer” stones and dilated bile ducts. I had great success and my stones started becoming smaller and more mixed. I got a few big daddys and so small ones. I was still getting 200-300 stones each flush too! I was wondering how I at 21 could have so many stones and how many my parents must have a 51!? (ps I am getting my mom and dad to do them over the next month! :))

Flush 11: By now I had read that you needed to do a thorough parasite cleanse before your liver could start giving you stones and that was obviously not the case after spewing 2000 or so stones. But I had done the Hulda Clark para cleanse a few months back around flush 6 without seeing really any parasites. Anyways I did a month straight taking of 2 bottles of Paranil at 7 capsules each morning which is double to dosage. and I did flush 11 on the 25th day of the para cleanse. I got stones. over a hundred. but I got a TON of white wormy looking things in my first BM of the day. I was astonished as I peered into the toilet to examine them. They were unquestionably about as long as my pinky finger nail and kind of astonished I had those in my liver?

Flush 12: I completed this one this past april right before my graduation and I finished! I think haha. I got no stones maybe 2-3 tiny ones really. I was so excited. But I did get about 7-10 orangy red stone looking things. But I don’t know whether they were from my liver or from undigested food matter…who knows? Viral or bacterial junk? shrug.

Flush 13: I completed my last flush last night!!!!!!!!!
I got no stones for the second time indicating I’m done from Moritz’s Recommendations! I had great clarity and decent energy for fasting to the whole prep day of ES and OO drink. I’ve done this for the last couple flushes to get as much bile build up as possible thinking that would lead to as much “burst” of bile and stones as possible! I did get a few more of those orangy things again which is a little strange. I actually might just do another flush again but I don’t know the rammifications of OVER flushing???


1. I used to have THE DRYEST SKIN in the world on my knuckles. I’m talking no lotion or potion could dent it and if it was the winter they would bleed allll the time. In the summer it would kind of go away. BUT after the flushes my skin is soo moisturized and nice! I guess the skin got its nutrients and ECZEMA must be a deficiency disease not a external phenomena. I would label as CURED.

2. My lactose intolerance is gone too! I also ate an anti candida diet with lots of probiotics and fermented vegetables followed by weekends of college life (drinking) but i tried to keep it to a minimum but you got to enjoy life you know…you only live once! but yes I don’t really eat dairy anymore but if I do eat ice cream or pizza once in a blue moon I have no stomach aches or cramping or bloating or diahrea which I used to always get right after dairy.

3. My acne is 95% cured now. I do get an occasional pimple. so I can’t say that it is 100% cured and I am slightly bummed that it is not completely cured even tho my skin went from hundreds of pimples to a few in a year and half of healthy journey. Although it would have been way faster if I had someone that was like me and was like here’s how I did it this is what you had to do instead of my trial and erroring everything and reading and researching everything I could get my hands on. I also credit me working with an acupuncturist, a colon hydrotherapist and a chiropractor for my ultimate success and finding the information that I needed to heal.

4. And lastly my gallstones are gone 🙂 without surgery..obviously 🙂

I hope I might have helped someone on CZ with my story

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