Hand Psoriasis Cure – Just another pleasant side effect of Raw Meat Primal Diet

Listen to this couple who has been on Aajonus Vonderplanitz’ Primal Diet for a year. Wife initially sought IBS cure, she got it. Rick initially sought an arthritis cure, he got it. Then after a year they evaluated the other bonuses they got from the raw meat, raw fat, high meat Primal Diet. Psoriasis cure and alligator skin cure was just another benefit.

When you turn healthy, when you turn to a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, it is a buy one take all cure all thing. IT is that simple. True cures do not target merely one disease symptom. True cures cure all. I certainly hope to cure you of the ill-logic of one drug for every disease… total nonsense!

Reverse Aging – Healthy Aging with the Raw Primal Diet of Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Listen to Rick and Kelly Bordeau, USA give their testimonial on 1 year of Aajonus Vonderplanitz’ raw Primal Diet. Aajonus recommends high meat, raw meat, raw fat, raw eggs, raw green juices, 1 serving of fruit and more. In the previous 2 videos, Kelly first shared her IBS cure, 15 years of IBS resolved in 3 months. While Rick shared his hand arthritis cure.

In this 3rd video, the couple share other things they noticed that had been resolved. At first, they all chalked it up to aging, but the raw Primal Diet reversed the aging process for them. I call it healthy aging:

  • face wrinkles disappeared
  • snap crackle and pop in various body places disappeared
  • dandruff
  • psoriasis on hands and arms
  • rough skin on the back of his arms gone (alligator skin)
  • lost weight
  • fast healing from injuries
  • fingertips feelings / nerves fixed
  • severe callousing on feet during winters, now none
  • bleeding gums stopped
  • teeth have gotten whiter, 5 shades whiter
  • wrinkles on backside
  • nails have gotten thick and strong

“Thank you Aajonus for bringing this out there. Thank you for making us understand what a natural diet is. That raw meat is natural. For removing the germ phobia. We eat the high meat every day.

We hope this helps you, we hope this gets you excited. And you venture out and try it.”


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