Eczema from Eating the Wrong Fats!

There is a testimony from someone with the username yannibenjl and he says he had eczema from eating the wrong fats:

” I found that excema was from eating the wrong fats eg Flora which used to be made from Hydrogenated fat! I went back to pure butter and took Evening Primrose Oil capsules and it went in 2 days (I had had it for two years!) I tell people not to eat any Margerine or cook in any oils except perhaps Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The best oil for cooking is Coconut oil which is a saturated fat but we need saturated fats in our diet.

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Let me help you analyze his statement.

Hydrogenated fats are bad fats. In the cooking oil market today they will sell you Coconut cooking oil that is hydrogenated. How’s that for deceptive marketing? And you thought all coconut oil was good huh?

All commercial cooking oils are bad fats. When they advertise “no cholesterol”… RUN AWAY. That is a bad fat product. All of those vegetable cooking oils and seed cooking oils are bad fats. Many of them GMO bad fats. Bad fats cause all sorts of diseases and inflammations.

Pure butter is a good fat. Not salted. This is iffy. Most butter in the commercial market is pastuerized butter from pasteurized milk. So even if it is grass fed, it’s cooked. It is raw butter that is good.

Ghee (Clarified Butter) is also a good fat. But it’s cooked fat. And it is purified.

It is virgin coconut oil that is a good fat. VCO. It is a raw fat. But it is purified.

It is extra virgin olive oil that is a good fat. EVOO. It is a raw fat. But it is purified.

What I mean by purified is that you will not find these in nature. What is natural is fresh raw coconut meat. What is natural is fresh raw olives.

These plant fats are far secondary sources of fats.

The fats that are the best are RAW ANIMAL FATS from healthy animals fed their clean organic or wild diet. These are natural, unadulterated, unpurified fats. These in my opinion are the best fats where you get best results.

Raw beef bone marrow.
Raw beef live yellowish fat.
Raw fish sashimi fat in the meat of the raw fish.
Raw egg yolks from duck or chicken or ostrich geese, etc.

And you will find them tasty, delicious, much more appetizing than VCO or EVOO any time. Raw animal fats are food, not supplements, not medicine. Animal fats are truly nutritious foods. They lubricate, hydrate and give nutrients to our bodies. Doctors 100 years ago wrote that eating enormous amounts of raw fat consistently cured sick people.

Never believe a word of the cholesterol SCAM. They’re all lies with statistical skewing and selective manipulation. Humans are sick today because many of us fell for the anti-fat and low fat campaigns. But no more. We are claiming our human right to be healthy by bringing a lot of raw animal fats to our diet. I am on a high raw fat, low raw carbohydrate diet.


  1. Yannibenji says:

    As the author of the of the first statement I would like to point out that what I wanted was to simply pass on what I discovered was the cause and cure of my eczema for the benefit of other sufferers.
    Firstly, Hydrogenated fats are created by heating oil to high temperatures. True Extra Virgin Olive Oil and True Virgin Coconut Oil are cold pressed and therefore not turned into Hydrogenated fats.
    We all need essential fatty acids (fats/oils) in our diet to remain healthy. Every cell in our bodies needs these ‘good fats’ to stay healthy. It you replace them with ‘Bad’ Hydrogenated fats the cells become unhealthy. Hence eczema, cancer etc.
    The food industry love Hydrogenated fats because they extent the shelf life of their products, Margarines, Cooking Oils, Cakes, Biscuits etc. This is due to the fact that Fungi and microbes won’t eat it! – this should tell us not to eat it either!)
    Some countries have banned Hydrogenated fats eg Sweden as they take their citizens health seriously. However, in the UK nothing, even our health, must stand in the way of big business!. It seems that the second author is eating a diet similar to the Eskimos. It has been researched that Eskimos eating their traditional diet do not suffer from heart disease, Diabetes or cancer. But of course they have genes and intestinal bacteria passed down to them by their parents.
    In fact, we would all be healthier if we ate a diet similar to our ancestors, never frying our food and never taking Antibiotics.
    It is impossible to go deeply into our nutritional needs within a few paragraphs. I would suggest that people research their illnesses/dietary concerns more fully via scientific papers on the web. Of course, one must always be aware of paid Big Pharma so called scientists who ‘Rubbish’ serious results which badly affect the sale of their products.

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