Eczema Cure Is Both Scientific and Picture Anecdotal

We are having a debate over at a forum regarding who gets to define what science is.  I say, it is we who have cured ourselves and cured many many others hold the TRUTH about REAL SCIENCE.  We define ourselves to be the authority about SCIENCE because of our own anecdotal evidence.  Such as I cured myself, my brother, my children, my relatives, and all you readers out there who have experienced REAL SCIENCE about what eczema and psoriasis truly is and how it is cured.

There is no debate on anecdotes vs science.  There is only a debate on who gets to DEFINE SCIENCE.  Sorry for you western medical / pharmaceutical point of view, but you are wrong to the core since the day you were born.  Bacteria only theory, the wrong food pyramid and the superstition of auto-immune disease and superstition of spontaneous remission is UTTER BALONEY.

The big difference with me and the western hospital mds is I do hands on healing.  I’m with the sick every single day and get to control his entire environment and all inputs.  I can see, predict and adjust what to do so the patient gets well.  Predictability is the key.  I can predict.  If people followed the theory and execute things well in this website, they will get well.  That is the way things are, that is the way nature works, that is how human health works.  This is REAL SCIENCE.

Nutrition, Detoxing, Pollution Avoidance, Nurturing, etc.  That is it.

You think you have tried “everything” and you are still sick?  Come on, you merely tried what you currently know and you have not tried what you do not know or you think is too hard to do.  For example, some people find it too hard to give up coffee, smoking, gluten. Some won’t even touch raw meat and raw fat and think they would rather eat strange herbs.  Some will refuse to remove their root canalled teeth or mercury laden tooth fillings.

In the pursuit of cures there are no sacred cows.  Everything is fair game.  So I challenge all you who are still sick.  Come and see the eczema and psoriasis cure protocols.  Assemble what you have to do in your mind.  Then do it.  Check your progress.  Make a spreadsheet, a log of all the things you do and their outcomes.

Come and join the cured club. The grass is much greener over here.

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