Face Eczema and Chest Eczema on Infant 40% Improved After My Visit

Do you remember my article where I made a house inspection to help a fully breast fed 7 month old infant with face eczema and chest eczema? The parents took good notes and immediately implemented some of our suggestions. And in 1 week their infant’s eczema has improved by 40%.

They stopped using all artificial flavors, artificial condiments like factory vinegar and factory soy sauce and seed / vegetable oils. Father thinks the elimination of potatoes contributed much. And of course elimination of wheat. All this means is mother’s milk is less polluted. Infant has been given probiotic supplements too.

I am sure more improvements will come in the future for this little boy. He’s so cute and big for his age.

Also a bright ray of hope is his father bought the ebook “Cure Child Eczema” by Audrey Lynn and found it very useful to get his own wife on board as to the real nature of eczemas and why western medical will never ever help and in fact will cause more harm.

Always go for the root cause. Uncomfortable changes will have to be made. But your child will get well because you are striking at the root cause of the disease.

In the first place, I would not call this infant’s eczema as a disease, I would call it a gauge of cleanliness of his inputs. A meter reader for parental performance.

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