Chinese Black Vinegar Helps with Eczema? Worth investigating.

I just came across a testimonial that said Chinese Black Vinegar was useful and it actually cured his eczema. Hmmm… might be a boost for those of you who refuse a raw diet. Here is what he said:

Hi everyone!

i used to suffer from eczema for the loooooooooooongest time… over 20 years

i moved to shanghai, china to study chinese herbal medicine. herbs are very interesting and i mix different herbs and make my own tea everyday! my eczema symptoms were getting better after i start drinking organic herbal tea BUT especially after i introduced CHINESE BLACK VINEGAR to my everyday diet, eczema and nasal congestion got drastically better!

i have tried so many medicines and products for eczema and spent $$$ over 20years… i wish i would have known about Chinese Black Vinegar long ago… i tried the vinegar for a bit over a month and my skin is ALL BETTER! literally, ALL BETTER! since then, i have NOT been eating it…because i am NOT a big fan of the taste but wharever! it saved me!

give a try! Vinegar is good for your overall health and beauty, i heared!


Now this is something worth investigating. There is no one brand of chinese black vinegar, it must be something generic.

This is all exploratory. I cannot experiment this on myself because I’m eczema cured. So I will have to find other people to experiment with. First to get me some chinese black vinegar, maybe in the wet market downstairs my office.

Update July 17: I was able to buy 2 bottles of Chinese black vinegar in the chinese store in Marikina Market. 50 pesos per bottle. It says it came from Fujian province. Pretty cheap. I tried it on some raw dilis fish this morning. Tastes pretty good, like a cross between the sugar cane vinegar and the coconut vinegar. Chinese black vinegar is said to come from rice.

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