The Story of Cosmetics: Stop Polluting Yourself Every Single Day

The story of cosmetics is the way the common people pollute themselves every single day. They wake up and pollute themselves with fluoridated toothpaste, using chlorinated water, with toxic shampoo, with toxic soaps, with toxic shaving cream, with toxic after shave, with toxic deodorants, with toxic make up, with toxic perfumes… it is total lunacy…

In the eczema cure protocols there is a section that says pollution avoidance. This video about the story of cosmetics is a big part of pollution avoidance.

My choice? Don’t use any of it. I don’t shampoo my hair, water is enough, my hair looks really good, I don’t fluoridate my teeth, I don’t pollute my underarms. There are many great truly natural alternatives there.

Take pity on your child. Stop polluting them. It’s just an advertisement, marketing lines, they’re not real. This madness has to stop. Don’t use any of it if you are sick. When I was sick, my healer told me to just drop everything. She even washed my clothes and saw to it all detergents were rinsed out.

Stop polluting yourself and let your body express that healthy skin glow you always dreamed of.

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