They Don’t Want You to Know the Cure for Eczema at Skin Care Talk

I started posting eczema cure and psoriasis cure methods at Skin Care Talk forum to help the eczema sick in need. And after a few days, all my posts were wiped clean from the forum. Just goes to show the gate keepers are busy censoring free and real eczema cures.

“They” don’t want you to know that there are real free and easily repeatable eczema cures. They merely setup a forum so they can sell their stuff? Hey it’s business. People tout all kinds of creams and crappy non-solutions there and it’s okay with them… as long as it does not address the root cause. But dare post the root cause of disease and the cure? CENSORED!!! NOT ALLOWED!!! ERASED FROM EXISTENCE!!!

What you need to do to help your fellow eczema and psoriasis sick friends. Share this website. Share and share and share and share. Click the share button. Send them an SMS . When you see an eczema stricken person on the street, tap him and give him a note: visit

We can cure the world of eczema and psoriasis if we propagate and share our knowledge. Grass roots campaign. Cure eczema now and forever for everyone.

Attached is a PDF copy of a thread I started asking what they wanted to see in an eczema cure book. Evidence that I tried to help people, but they simply did not want people to get well so they erased everything I posted.



  1. Please send me your eczema cure. I’m unemployed and have no insurance.
    I’ve been diagnosed with eczema and been prescribed pregnisone and antibiotics but to no avail. I dying here.

  2. What is the cure for Eczema?

  3. Nancy Gillingham says:

    Daughter has severe psoriasis over 90% of her body. Need help

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