Cure Child Eczema: Natural Methods That Work – Book Review

This is my book review of Audrey Lynn’s: Cure Child Eczema, Natural Methods That work. This book was bought by my brother to give to his wife who was already panicking and ready to give in the western medicine and do more harm to their child with steroid drugs. Luckily, she came to her senses with this book.

Below are what Audrey claims can be found in her book:

  • How to overcome Eczema using KEY principles. (You must understand these simple facts for any remedy to work. I cannot emphasize this enough.)
  • How to safely treat the root cause of your child’s eczema, not just the symptoms. (Else you’ll see no end for recovery in sight.)
  • The 3 Step Process to healing child eczema.
  • How to safely stop your child’s itching with natural home remedies.
  • The 7 types of food you should be giving your child to cure eczema.
  • How to identify and flush out allergens in your house that may be worsening your child’s eczema.
  • Why using steroids is NOT the answer. (You need to read this part immediately if you’ve been using steroids on your child!)
  • Learn why internal cleansing is vital to heal your child’s eczema – and how to do it the correct way.
  • How to stop baby eczema.
  • How to use different food as natural antihistamine
  • How to use the wrap therapy method to help your child in the case of a severe flare up – in many cases literally overnight! (You’ll definitely want to know this for emergency purposes.)

So what do I think of this book?  I think it’s great for beginners.  If it is your very first time to encounter eczema for yourself or for your child, start here.

This book is written by a woman, the feminine approach, from mother to mother.  So it has that emotional touch and feel of a mother.  So if you are a man reading my website and your wife or girlfriend needs convincing, give her this book as a gift.

Does Audrey deliver on her claims?  Yes she does.  You will learn the root cause of eczema and strike at the root cause of eczema.  Then your child will be well.  Just like my little nephew.  By the time my wife and I did a home inspection, my brother’s wife had already read this book and was receptive to the changes we pointed out first hand.

Audrey Lynn’s Cure Child Eczema is available by clicking here.


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