Eczema Cure Paleo Diet Testimonial: Nothing Topical Worked

In my eczema cure protocol I keep hammering out diet, diet, diet. Why do people insist on doing those herbs, detox protocols, drugs and injections when a MERE change in diet is needed. If you do not change your diet to something better such as paleo diet or raw paleo diet, then whatever your current diet is … it sucks… your current diet is making you sick. And you eat 5 times a day.

Check out this eczema cure via paleo diet testimonial from SassaFrass88. It was from the forum thread about grapeseed extract or apple cider vinegar.

Personally, nothing topical worked. Only a major change in diet.

I am now ‘paleo’ and cutting out grains and sugar did the trick for me.

It is an auto-immune issue, which, cutting out most carbs (save for veggies and some fruit), creates an ‘anti-inflammatory’ process in the body.

If I eat ‘inflammatory’ foods (legumes, grains, some nightshades, sugar, etc), then my tendonitis and eczema flare up.

NOTHING stopped it, short of diet. If I eat poorly (especially ANYTHING with gluten), then my eczema flares right back up.

The cure for most chronic diseases such as eczema or psoriasis is to change to BETTER habits. You reap what you sow. The assumption that the standard american / urban diet is the default diet is totally wrong. SAD is absolutely the wrong diet… for you. This is why you are sick. And it is this SAD that must go. Now!

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