Psoriasis Treatment: Practicing Cure Habits Every Single Day

I was out to lunch today with friends including one psoriasis stricken friend.  He has read some of what I have in this website.  I was observing what he was ordering to see if he would make the correct psoriasis treatment dietary choices.  Sorry, he did not.  While I chose to order sashimi for lunch, then carrot juice for cocktails, he ordered sandwiches with white bread and a banana split with commercial ice cream.

So what was his mortal sin for lunch?  He had wheat.  The number one mortal sin.  He had ice cream… dairy with umpteen chemicals which is mortal sin #2.  I can see the psoriasis on his face as plain as day.  No wonder.

To be psoriasis cured is to gain new habits.  At first you must be very conscious of this.  You are not like “regular” folk who can eat wheat and dairy and appear normal.  You just have to stay away from wheat and dairy.  You need to be on a paleolithic diet.  All the time.  No let up.  This must be your everyday diet, this must be your new paradigm.  The paleo diet is the original human diet before agriculture.  Live it, breath it, remember it.  Always be in paleo diet character, at home, at meetings, on travel, every time, any time.

Look at me, I’m on raw paleo diet.  When I slip up, I eat cooked meat, so technically I’m still on paleo diet.  I’m always on paleo diet even when I “cheat”.  I am so well, so cured, all the time because I am very well aware of what my body needs.  I will not succumb to peer pressure or convenience or taste because I do not like the alternative… which is being sick.

Am I being too hard on you?  Look.  I didn’t make the “rules”.  I didn’t make up these health principles.  Paleo diet works, raw paleo diet is best, but cooked meat paleo diet will have to do at first.  Wheat, dairy and other grains and nightshades are bad for you and me so do not ever consider them as food.  You can always try to cheat yourself into eating those bad foods, but you will always get the results you always got and remain sick.

I don’t know about you, but I like being handsome and flawless.  I like crystal smooth blemish free skin.  So I have a beauty secret, and it is a raw paleo diet.  Raw meat, raw fat, raw vegetables and raw fruit.  What’s your beauty secret?

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