Child Eczema Cure Can Only Succeed if Parents Go First

My children had a relatively easy and short time curing their own child eczema.  My brother’s son had an easy time curing his psoriasis.  And do you know why?  Parents went ahead first.  If you want your children to have any shot at curing their eczema or psoriasis, it should be parents first, children next.

Let me explain.  If you look at the eczema cure protocol you will notice that the outline calls for:

  • Paradigm shift
  • Diet change to Paleo Diet
  • Detox protocols
  • Pollution avoidance

All of this may seem unfamiliar territory to the sick.  That’s why they are sick.  So there is a learning curve here.  So it is not possible for the children to apply this to their lives without the parents’ lead.  It is parents who decide which doctors to go to.  It is parents who decide which books to buy.  It is parents who decide where and what to shop for food and supplies.  It is parents who must learn and do detox protocols before doing these to their children.  It is parents who must take herbs to deem them safe before giving them to their children.

It is sheer MADNESS that parents routinely give ALIEN DRUGS to their children on the advice of some charlatan in a white coat… without trying the ALIEN DRUGS themselves!  If those alien drugs do harm to you, would you give it to your own children?  The same goes with a new diet, a new food item, a new herb… PARENTS GO FIRST.  If you see that it does you good, if you see it does you no harm, then by all means apply it to your kid.

Some people are simply terrified of chiropractors. If you are going to submit your child to a chiropractor for treatment, submit yourselves first.  Learn that the chiropractor does you well, and only then will you have to confidence to let the chiropractor treat your child.

The child eczema cure requires a change back to the original human diet.  No way will the child be able to practice a paleo diet by himself.  Parents must be several steps ahead of the child in shifting to a new diet.  Parents themselves must feel the benefits of a paleo diet themselves.  Only then will they have the conviction to shop and implement the diet on their children.

(Note that practicing a RAW paleo diet is the most effective at curing eczema and psoriasis if you can learn how to practice such a diet.  You can join the to learn how.  If somehow you are chicken to eat raw meat, you can still practice a cooked meat paleo diet by joining

Paleo diet is dead easy.  It is the original human diet.  And with cooked meat and cooked vegetables to boot, the original human diet is easy to implement simply because it is the original diet.  What you need to let go is the excess mental baggage of marketing garbage fed to your mind about why you need milk and grains… when in fact it is milk and grains that is making your child sick!

The next trick is for the parent to understand just how bad drugs are, how bad steroids are.  That you have to let go of them if you want your child to live.  That drugs and steroids are actually what you should fear because these are what kill people.  That letting go of drugs and steroids means your child will finally be able to detox properly, which you will recognize as a flare up, but that which is a good flare up because his body is able to let go of stored toxins, forced stored toxins because of the drugs that were given him which in fact were killing him.

Eczema and psoriasis are not supposed to be deadly.  They are survival mechanisms the body resorts to because of wrong inputs.  It is the drugs and steroids that depress the immune system and suppress detoxification, eventually killing people because of stored toxicity.  Like a pressure cooker not allowed to release pressure.

Once you clean up inputs to your child’s body, feed him a nutritious paleo diet, let go of the drugs, do some detox protocols, you will see some real healing go on.  A new and bright future comes, a new paradigm is formed in your brain.  You will be one of us.  As wierd as us.  But as cured as us as well.

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