How to Survive a Fruit Only Diet as a Starting Point for Child Eczema Cure

I just did some consulting for a young boy of 7 years old. It is amazing how the young family and parents are on board. They consulted with Dr. Divina Hey-Gonzales the Anthroposophic doctor and she suggested they get things started with a 3 day fruit only diet. That sounds great. The parents are going to do it at the same time as their boy. So how does one execute a 3 day fruit only diet?

As long as they are not diabetic, then starting off with a 3 day fruit only diet maybe be a good choice. Fruit only? Won’t you be weak and famished? Depends on the fruit. This is how you do it.

Eat Fat. Eat fatty fruits. Humans are fativores, we love fat, we need fat. As long as you get a lot of fruit fat, you will do fine. Plus, eat a lot. Fatty fruit this September are coconuts with thick coconut meat, avocados and durian. It is durian season so take advantage. If you have durian and you like durian, you are made!

Apples are good to include in a fruit only diet because apples contain special nutrition that allows liver to flow and cleanse. Eat a lot of apples too. If you can find organic apples, go get them.

If for some reason you are still hungry, you can drink tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil which is technically a fruit fat.

3 days is easy. Super easy. Enjoy the durian. Enjoy the cleanse. Then move onto the rest of your treatment. Hopefully raw paleo diet. Or just paleo diet.

Good skill!

I believe this family will see tremendous results in a month.

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