Socialize with the Psoriasis Cured, stop listening to the Psoriasis Sick

Stay away from forums where the blind lead the blind. I mean it. If you belong to a forum or a club full of sick people, stop. You don’t belong there. You should never belong there. Let me explain. Those forums are run by the sick, who remain sick and will be sick until the day they die. They have given up all hope that their psoriasis is curable. They believe they will have psoriasis all their lives and all they can do is merely manage their psoriasis. But we believe OTHERWISE.

We are interested in CURE, in the here and now. We don’t want the blind leading us. We want the CURED leading us. We want the people who have cured many people leading us. The cured people obviously know something the sick do not. The cured people are doing something that the sick do not or the sick refuse to do.

Now who are you? Who do you want to be? Do you want to be cured and weird like me or to stay sick and “normal?”

Let’s see, what does it take to be cured like me?

– I believe all diseases are curable
– Western pharmaceutical medicine is totally BS
– Raw Paleo Diet is the original human diet, Paleo diet is passable.
– I think steroids are deadly dangerous
– I don’t shampoo regularly and I only soap my butt crack
– I do detox protocols as I see fit
– I don’t worry that I will get psoriasis or eczema tomorrow because I know I won’t because I know what I’m doing
– I know I will be cured for the rest of my life.


  1. Hello,
    This is the exact same truth that I tell people any chance I have. great site and even better content, I will always come here to learn more.

    Thanks for the great info anyway.

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