Paleo Diet Dinner with Seared Liver, Onions, Raw Tuna and Raw Sea Urchin

Ha ha ha, my wife is out of town so I have the kids to myself. Ha ha ha, Daddy rules tonight. None of that useless rice stuff. It is a paleo diet dinner. I’ve got some beautiful beef liver, a big fresh white onion, some raw tuna sashimi and raw sea urchin / uni.

Daddy’s first rule, stop eating an hour before dinner… got to prepare that tummy to be hungry.

Daddy’s second rule, no drinking while eating… have to let the digestive juices do their thing.

How we prepared the beef liver this time. I had the beef liver sliced less than a centimeter thick each. Had some lemon and some fermented soy sauce (soy sauce is a crutch). To sear the liver without sticking to the pan, I used some fresh raw beef fat to make cooking oil. Seared the liver slices some 5 seconds each side. Seared the onion rings 5 seconds each side. Serve and enjoy. The kids liked the liver. It was still essentially raw inside. Some of that flavoring was tasty for them. My youngest didn’t like the onion, but my eldest loved the onion.

The 2nd boy didn’t like sea urchin, but he ate raw tuna. The two other children ate tuna and sea urchin together.

After dinner after some 30 minutes the eldest and the youngest had some raw durian with me.

See? If only daddy is in the house, they are on Paleo Diet… and mostly raw at that.

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