All Wheat and Gluten is bad for Eczema for Psoriasis for Leaky Gut

A hallelujah of sorts light bulb idea came from my brother yesterday. He shared to me that he is now convinced that wheat and any source of gluten is bad for him and his psoriasis. Duhhh… didn’t I hammer this point enough? Why it has to take the psoriasis of his son to bring it through his brain and register that all wheat and gluten is bad for eczema for psoriasis bad for leaky gut.

For many people, all it takes is the elimination of gluten from your entire diet. Not one meal. Not one bit. Not one gram. Do not even inhale flour. For a great many people who are suffering from eczema or psoriasis, it may just be a manifestation of gluten allergy.

So lookup gluten allergy. No need to make some fancy medical test. Just eliminate gluten from your diet for a year and see the results you get.

Did you know that the diet I recommend: The Paleolithic Diet (raw, rare, cooked) is a 100% gluten free diet? Ho ho ho.

For all you leaky gut fans. It takes a while for your leaky gut to heal. Choose the easiest to digest food. That means fruit and raw meats. Vegetables are hard to digest and may contain anti-nutrients even when juiced. If you cannot stand raw meat, then just sear the meat. If you can educate yourself to fast, a 14 day orange juice fast (not feast) should cure leaky gut. Visit and under the forum “Ask Barefoot” you can get support.

Remember that the key is to eat the easiest to digest food. And no food combining… ever. Eat one food. Rest a bit. Then eat the next food when hungry. Remember that the reason you are sick is because your digestive system is operating at low / damaged capacity. So help yourself, do yourself a favor and choose the easiest to digest food. Hint… fruit, raw eggs, raw fish.

Post this on your refrigeration door:

Wheat is bad.
No to Wheat.
Gluten is Bad.
No Wheat, No Oats.
No Flour, No Hotcakes, No Pizza, No Noodles, No Pasta, No Macaroni, No La Sagna, No Spaghetti, No Bread… No no no and no.

I’m sure there are anti-gluten t-shirts or pins out there. Buy one and wear it everyday. Put one on your kid so “they” don’t poison him when you aren’t looking.


  1. How about juice fasting?

    A fasting cure like juice fasting is a bit more dramatic than the homeopathic cure. You simply stop eating solid food altogether, and instead you drink nothing but different kinds of juices.

    If you plan to do this you should learn more before you try it as there are risks involved here. You should also consider getting a good juicer and make home made juices instead of products from a grocery store.

    Home made juices

  2. Gluten is bad in a lot of ways. Many people I know that switched to a gluten free diet (for various health reasons, not just eczema or psoriasis) and it had a dramatic impact on their health overall. Some people have actually cured their minor diseases and conditions from switching to a gluten free diet. It’s something that I personally have considered doing in the future.

  3. how long do you think it will take before noticing a difference after weening, or just quitting all gluten, pasta, bread, etc.?

  4. cotton is a very soft, smooth and itchy free material. Studies show that cotton molecules upon direct contact with a disease skin create a chemical reaction that results in an instantaneous relief from most of eczema symptoms. So start wearing cotton clothes from now

  5. MaintenanceToo says:

    “Bad List”: Acidic fruits (oranges, lemons); hot showers with soap; overdressing (too many layers or clothing that makes you feel hot);; milk; sugar; doctors’ creams (hydrocortisone, etc.).
    “Good List”: Enema (hydrates body and skin from within); airbath; taking vitamin supplements (multivitamin; B-50; cod liver oil; xylitol; FOS prebiotics); exercise (swimming; cardio); relaxation (how YOU feel). *enema equipment
    “Shur Shot Shower Enema” (search on ebay) *enema equipment *multivitamin *vitamin B *xylitol

  6. Enema Equipment is very easy to use and inexpensive.

  7. I found this website because I hada dream about the psorisis on my husband’s knee. I dreamed oats, flax (I think poppy seeds) were spewing out of his knee. The oats, flax etc. Kept moving. It was sooo strange but what I got out of it was I felt it was not good for him. Do you think there is a fungus attached to wheat that we consume?

  8. Yes, there is a fungus component.

  9. rsp5820 says:

    I have psoriasis for 22 years on elbows, shins, etc. Slightly controlled by Taclonex. Take plenty of vitamins etc. 2 years ago I got “finger fungus” just above the cuticles. Looks a bit like psoriasis, does not respond to Taclonex. Dermatologist baffled. Antifungal oral RX no help (but plenty of side effects including loss of taste until cured by lipoic acid). My rare Budweiser or Heinekin can enrage it overnight. It waxes and wanes for days or weeks at a time, no noticeable pattern. Possibly uric acid from gout? For 8 days I have been treating 5-10 times a day with vaseline to keep soft, but it may also be helping (suffocating a fungus?). I soak in vinegar every 2-3 days. ANy suggestions welcome. Just read Wheat Belly and will eliminate the last few grains from my diet.

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