Eating Raw Meat With Bare Hands and Teeth Demo for Eczema Cure and Psoriasis Cure

Here is a short 6 minute demonstration video of me eating some raw beef to keep you company while you try to eat raw meat and raw fat yourself. You will notice when my son moves the camera around that in this dinner table the kids also consumed some raw ripe papaya and some raw ripe mangoes. And untouched on the table are some raw ripe guavas and some raw ripe bananas. On the other side of the table that cannot be seen I finished of some 6 live clams and some raw fish danguit ceviche.

My suggestion for beginners is to eat raw meat when you are very very hungry. It tastes better that way.

For and here is a short demonstration of how to eat raw beef sirloin with your bare hands and teeth. As you can see it is pretty easy and can be done quickly.

In this demo last dinner I had previously eaten some 6 live clams and some raw fish danguit ceviche, but those haven’t really filled me up yet. So I grabbed a piece of never refrigerated fresh beef sirloin. I remembered promising the gang at to post a video of me eating raw meat. My 9 year old is the camera man.

You can also see my 7 year old boy eat some raw ripe papaya fruit, and you may see some mango peelings.

I eat raw everything for my health because I used to be very sick. I’m a complete / REAL raw foodist. NOT VEGAN.

Eating a raw paleo diet is the basis diet for curing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, diabetes, psoriasis and other “incurables” you can think of. They are not incurable for the original human diet.

I apologize for the shaky nature of this video. Can’t keep a 9 year old still for long. Next time I’ll use a tripod.

Hey Dr. Richard Wrangham. Your theory on how long it takes for humans to devour meat is completely wrong! I can consume 1/2 kilo of raw meat in a mere few minutes 10 – 15 at my leisure. Raw meat digests in my tummy around 1 hour.

And to those who are currently raw vegans… raw meat is your future and super food. Raw vegan gurus are all crashing and turning to raw animal foods. I used to be a raw vegan and a raw fruitarian and crashed and burned… adding raw meat and raw fat completed my nutritional requirements. You can wait for your body to crash due to B12 deficiency or you can give up your raw vegan fantasies now and join us at . We are a bunch of happy nice people piecing together the original human diet, before agriculture, before the prevalence of cooking.

Remember, if you cannot do raw paleo diet at first, you can try a cooked paleo diet for starters by joining

Stop hanging out with those losers in those eczema forums or psoriasis forums who have the mantra, there is no cure, just treatment and management… please… superstitious nonsense. I call it the blind leading the blind. I think the people running those eczema is incurable and only managed forums are idiots. Do not follow their act. It leads to nowhere.

And if you should ask the very basic question if any of the paleo dieters have cured their eczemas or psoriasis with paleo diet, of course yes. That is why they stick with paleo diet. It works. It’s easy. We like hanging out with fellow cured people. So you should hang out with us eczema cured people.

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