Eating Raw Fish Demo: Omega 3 Anti Inflammatory

Here is another raw meat eating demonstration. This time I eat raw fish, a type of mackerel with my bare hands. As you know fish contains anti inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids, but you must eat them raw to get the benefits. Do not ever depend on supplements because they will never ever be as effective nor as complete as real food: raw fish.

I bought this mackerel fresh at Farmers Market in Cubao during the wholesale time around 12 to 2 pm. Super fresh. And it tasted really good. The plus factor is the meat separates easily from the bones. No need to steam or grill to make it easier to eat. Cooking meat or fish denatures the nutrients, kills the omega 3 fatty acids. If you have read Henry Bieler of Food is your Best Medicine, he says you must eat fish absolutely raw for the nutrients to benefit and heal your liver.

Fresh is important! Fish should be absolutely fresh! You must know how to pick fresh fish and where to get fresh fish and what time to get fresh fish.

You can play my 9 minute video at the same time with your meals so you can have some company while eating raw fish / meat. I see that humans are social beings and being able to see and hear real people eat raw meat / raw fish may encourage you to do the same.

The short cut to curing psoriasis and eczema is via a raw paleolithic diet. You can socialize and join

Notice that my children are also into eating raw fish. If kids can eat it. You can too!


  1. This is kind of proving my mystery. I have two daughters, one was born in New Zealand and the other in Australia. They both have eczema and really worse. We left Australia and went back to the islands, Tuvalu island. A small atoll group of island to the north of Fiji. We love the sea and everyday we go out swimming….we noticed a quick change in their eczema. We never applied any cream, they just gone within days. I think it took only a week for them to completely cure.

    I guess salt or seawater can cure eczema. We also love eating raw fish, so I am not sure which one of these really cure my daughters eczema, but truly believe both can work.

    Try this trick to cure eczema. Take your kids to have a swim in the sea, and don’t have a shower with water after swimming in the sea. Leave the salt water dry up on their body and see if this can help.

    Hey, thanks for this site and keep up the good work.

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