Psoriasis Forum – Eczema Forum – Where Can I Support You?

I finally decided to disable my own forum at , it’s too much work moderating the forum against spammers. From now on, if you want psoriasis support, eczema support, you have to join the 2 forums where I hang out. Caveman Forum and Raw Paleo Forum.

If you have read my cure protocol, the cure for psoriasis and eczema begins with DIET CHANGE. The diet is called Paleo Diet, Paleolithic Diet or some variant close to it.

Paleo diet is the original diet of humans: Animal Fat, Animal Meat, Fruits, Vegetables – period. Some people add sweet potatoes.

See video why Paleo Diet works and works absolutely.

I hang out in 2 paleo diet forums. One is predominantly cooked, one strives to be absolutely raw. I will discuss both these forums and how they will benefit you and how to use them.

If you find eating raw meat too extreme in your culture (raw meat is normal in Japan and Eskimos), then you should begin with Caveman Forum.

Caveman Forum is a cooked (meat) paleolithic diet forum. But some members are into rare and seared meat sashimi, raw and cooked vegetables and of course raw fruit. For some of you with mild eczema or mild psoriasis symptoms, this cooked meat paleolithic diet forum is enough and you will be symptom free. Join Caveman Forum at

Raw Paleo Forum is a raw everything paleolithic diet forum. Members believe an absolutely raw diet with good bacteria cultured in it is the most optimal diet for humans. Some of these people get sick on cooked meat and are forced to turn to raw meat. I myself did my experiments and I feel like superman on raw fat and raw meat than cooked meat and cooked fat. It was turning to 100% raw paleo diet that allowed me to empty my liver of stones and stop liver flushing. It is raw paleo diet that allowed me to reach levels of health I never dreamed I could ever achieve. Join Raw Paleo Forum at

Which forum to join? I suggest you join both. I suggest you get both perspectives and then see what works for you. There is a surprising chasm of difference in philosophies between cooked and raw paleo diet. You have to spend some good amount of time to learn what paleo diet is all about. The nuances, where to get food, the ratio of food, how to prepare your food, how to socialize with your friends and family. All this fall into play and a few weeks of voraciously reading the forums and making new friends, you will figure it out.

I’m on Caveman Forum because I need continuously to be in touch with cooked paleo diet for my children. I’m on raw paleo forum for myself because I’m at my best on raw paleo diet. I also use raw paleo diet on my children when they get sick.

I believe that diet is 50% of the battle against eczema and psoriasis. You have to be on the best diet you can possibly be on, the rest of the battle with detox, pollution avoidance and nurturing will all fall into place later on.

So if you want my support, join the forums above. You will not only get my support, but also of other people’s support. Some even more experienced, healthier and wiser than I am.

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