Yeast Infection No More for Psoriasis and Eczema – Scam? No. The Real Deal.

A book called Yeast Infection No More is out there, and as I have discussed in my eczema and psoriasis cure protocol is that part of the root causes of some eczema and psoriasis is yeast infection / candida. This book has been getting rave reviews and someone on asked if this book is a scam or what? I was curious myself.

“Former Yeast Infection Sufferer Reveals The Only Holistic System In Existence That Will Show You How To Permanently Cure Your Yeast Infection, Eliminate Candida, And Regain Your Natural Inner Balance, Using A Unique 5-Step Method No One Else Will Tell You About…”

Plus success story #3: Karen Siegler
“The non-stop vaginal itching and burning have stopped. My skin looks significantly better and I slowly got rid of the psoriasis on my right elbow ”

“Hello Linda, I’m 45 and have battled with severe Yeast Infection for the last nine years. A month and a half ago, I stumbled across your Yeast Infection No More program. I had my doubts and didn’t think it was the right program for my Yeast Infection or if it was going to work at all, but I did order it because I’ll do anything to rid myself of this crippling condition.

Over 3 week period, I have seen an improvement that I had never experienced with any other conventional or so called natural treatment. The non-stop vaginal itching and burning have stopped. My skin looks significantly better and I slowly got rid of the psoriasis on my right elbow that I had for years.

I can now save the money that I would have wasted on drugs like Monistat and Diflucan. Your suggestions have kept my vaginal yeast infections as well as the other candida related symptoms at bay incredibly well!

I also lost about 15 lbs! I am feeling so healthy, too.

Thank you and God bless!”
— Karen Siegler, Age 45 (Ramat Gan, Israel)

Here is my review of this book:

I consider myself a hobby healer, a family healer. I saw a query in that asked:

Curezone thread here.
Has anyone here ever seen an impartial review of the book “Yeast Infection No More” by Linda Allen?

I’ve looked and looked, but for every search revealing “reviews” the links just deliver one to a page with ad copy for the book. There seem to be no negative reviews, how strange.

Can anyone on this forum comment on this, whether you’ve bought the book and want to share your true experience, or even if you’ve seen an impartial review that I can look at?


Well, you are in luck. I just happen to be a quite knowledgeable healer and I have experience with healing myself of yeast infection and my wife and other people of yeast infection. And if you had read my posts at and, and my blogs at and, I’ve got some integrity to maintain.

I bought the book with neutral expectations. I know I can get a quick refund if it was a scam or shabbily written. So what do you get with this book? What do I as an experienced healer get from this book? Is this book a scam or is this the real deal?

I paid via Paypal. I got the main book: Yeast Infection No More. Plus 4 other free books. I’ll be concentrating this review on the main book, which is what you really pay for.

My honest review of the book Yeast Infection No More: Scam or Real Deal?

Answer: This is the REAL DEAL.

You can stop reading now and just go and buy that book: Yeast Infection No More. Click Here.

The rest of my thoughts about the book are detailed below.

  • The author is passionate about curing yeast infections and it shows in her delivery, and in her research
  • There is that ring of truth in her experienced tone and she has a system that can be followed by beginners
  • For beginners to truth in health, this is your first and greatest step. Keep this book. Print this book. Never lose this book. This is a keeper. A great reference.
  • This is a holistic approach, throwing everything at the yeast infection from all angles.
  • You will need to change paradigms, your way of thinking, which is a very good thing.
  • I as a raw foodist paleo dieter am delighted the author recommends you strive for 75% raw food diet.
  • The book has practical detox protocols
  • I am envious of how well written this book was and wish I could write and package future books like this myself. Truly a work of art

As for the comment that there seems to be no negative reviews, and that it’s strange… no it is not strange… Add me to the 5 stars review!!!

If you are looking for negative reviews, you might ask your western MD or your drug company because the results you get from book Yeast Infection No More should make them eat humble pie and admit defeat. Yeast Infection No More is super safe, and permanent cure.

For me as the author of this website and hobby healer, I learned some cool new concepts and products that can help me heal people better and faster. Kudos to you, author Linda Allen. You have done a great service to help solve the problem of the global yeast infection scourge. May you live long and prosper.

Recommendation: This book is the REAL DEAL. It will help you cure your yeast infection. But you need to take action after reading it. And keep reading it again and again until your paradigms are straightened out.

Buy the book: Yeast Infection No More. Click Here.

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