Psoriasis Cured on Raw Food, Raw Paleo Diet, Raw Primal Diet – Then Back Again with Cooked Grains and Cooked Meat

Canadian lady, Foxwoman tells her story of how she’s had psoriasis for as long as she can remember. And that this psoriasis progressively got worse as she grew older. Then she discovered raw paleo diet, the version that worked for her was raw primal diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz. After 2 years, she put her psoriasis in remission, cured her psoriasis, cured her pitted nails, cured her depression, cured her anxiety, cured her IBS. I just love cures… cure everything, cure all.

For some reason, maybe social reasons, Foxwoman felt she was cured and it was time to blend in with the crowd so she went back to eating grains and cooked meat again… just like the “normal” people. Big mistake. Her psoriasis and other ailments started coming back again.

Did you just understand what I wrote in the first 2 paragraphs? Please read it again. Please understand that what people today consider as normal: eating cooked grains and cooked meat… every single monotonous day… is ABNORMAL… is actually sickening… is actually detrimental. That most people are living sub-healthy lives.

I have observed that cooked food eating may cause psoriasis in some, eczema in some, ibs in some, diabetes in some, cancer in some, arthritis in some, etc etc etc… It all depends on the individual how he or she compensates for such a dirty, malnourishing diet. There is always something wrong, some complaint with someone somewhere as long as they are not living on the original nature prescribed human diet and lifestyle.

I will let let Foxwoman tell her story in her own words, straight out from raw paleo forum:

Hello everyone,

I finally decided to re-join the forum, have not been here in 3 years! However, 3 years of eating rice and mostly cooked foods again did not do me any good. Before that, I was grain-free for 2 years and ate a lot of my foods raw, which allowed me to put my psoriasis and other health problem (depression & anxiety and IBS) in remission, so I considered myself cured and thought that a little bit of brown rice bread and a lot of beef stews would not harm me… mistake!

Health changes with a new diet are usually very-very slow – so it took me more than a year to realize that my heath was deteriorating again – pitted nails, new psoriatic patches, lack of energy, tummy problems, mood swings… It took me another 2 years to finally admit that, if I want to be healthy, I need to ditch grains again and start eating most of my food raw. So, I am here again. Just about a month ago, I returned to my original, low-carb (about 40 gr) lacto-paleo diet with 50 to 75 percent of my foods being raw. And oh man, I miss my brown rice bread!

I also had several experiments in the past with a zero-carb diet (for about 6 month) and with a dairy-free diet (for about 8 months), but both experiments were a disaster. I found out that I function the best when I eat about 2 to 3 pieces of carb foods a day (e.g. avocados, coconuts, unheated honey, tomatoes, lemons, etc.), some butter and aged raw cheese, 2 to 6 eggs (both cooked and raw) and raw or rare beef, bison and seafood. I cannot really stand organ meats or high meat, but I eat several “century eggs“ a week and caviar when I can afford it.

So here is pretty much my story, thanks for listening!



Thanks for your support and advice!

Speaking of percentage of raw foods in the diet for a recovery, I only can rely on my own experimenting and experience, since there is so much controversy in the subject. For example, Polish Dr. Ian Kwasnievski very successfully implements a completely cooked low-carb low-protein and extremely high-fat diet to put numerous diseases in remission, especially asthma. The SCD, or a more modern version of it – GAPS diet – also puts a lot of emphasis on well-cooked foods, especially broth – -however, it is very successful in curing different digestive disorders (or so they say).

In my own experience, a diet with 50% to 75% raw foods (and no even traces of grains!) within 2 years was enough to almost completely eliminate my health problems, and especially dramatic results were with psoriasis which went into a remission for the FIRST TIME in my entire life (and I had it since I remember myself, and it was only getting progressively worse).

Theoretically, I also have several other considerations for keeping some cooked foods in my diet. The first is that I do not want to lose an ability to digest cooked foods (I remember several years ago Lex was describing his traveling experience with having to eat what “normal people” usually eat and how he was suffering from indigestion, severe bloating, etc.) Since I live in a society where cooked food is a norm, and my profession requires frequent “socializing” and dining out with clients, it would be wise to keep an ability to still consume cooked foods.

Another consideration is a fear of developing an obsessive attitude to food. Even following a semi-raw paleo diet is an extreme dietary pattern for most people (well, even Sally Fallon’s diet is considered extreme by some!), so “going against the mainstream” is quite hard psychologically, at least for me. The more “extreme” I become with my diet, the more I start questioning myself so maybe I am developing some kind of a mental disease and an obsessive syndrome, , so my solution against this is to give myself some “wiggle room” and be more flexible.

Another, hedonistic reason for keeping it partially cooked is that, although I love raw meat, eggs and fruits and eat them daily, some of my favorite seafood (like crabs, oysters, shrimps, etc.) I only like cooked and cannot enjoy them raw. Well, yes, I still want to enjoy my food, too.

Therefore, my current goal is to stick to 50 to 75 percent raw diet, so that to keep my diet “balanced” with my social life, still enjoy it, and not to slip into an obsession. I am also contemplating a thought of repeating an experiment with quitting dairy…

Wish me luck!

Cheers to everyone,


You absolutely can, Goodsamaritan! You can mention there that I had psoriasis for 20 plus years, never went into remission, was getting progressively worse, with pitted nails and patches on my knees, elbows, bum (yucky!)and especially face and scalp. Psoriasis all cleared up after about 2 years of a strict grain-free, low-carb lacto-paleo with a fair amount of raw animal foods (my diet was heavy on raw grass-fed beef). In addition, depression, anxiety and hormonal problems all disappeared. Two years of eating some (very little!) grains (brown rice) and mostly cooked foods after that made psoriasis come back, but this time only on my scalp / face. Since I am resuming my initial grain-free, 50 to 75 percent raw diet, I expect it to go away again, although I don’t know how much time it will take. I’ll keep you posted.



So did you read all of the above word for word? Foxwoman of Canada knows what it takes to cure her psoriasis. She knows and is willing to make compromises that slow down her healing, but makes her more able to socialize according to her needs. It’s all a matter of priority for Foxwoman now. If she did 100% raw, she would get well faster… and she knows this.

How about you? Are you willing to take the plunge to finally be cured of your psoriasis or eczema? It is your ACTIONS that determine if you will be cured or not.


  1. Hello everyone.

    I have had psoriasis for the past 22 years.

    I have just come off a drug called cyclosporine which gave me around 90% clearance, however I didn’t get on with the side effects.

    On Saturday I am starting a gluten free diet to see if that will help. I am writing about my successes/failures with this approach at

    I would be interested in getting any tips or advice from any of you that have tried this approach before Smiley




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