Cancer Cure, Psoriasis Cure is Easy if you begin with 100% Raw Paleo Diet and Lifestyle

Cancer and Psoriasis is a pollution issue, it is a detox issue, it is a food allergy issue, it is many issues and they all can be cured easily if you just go back to the human recommended diet by nature which is a raw paleo diet.  Stress on EASY, easy, easy.

What is a raw paleo diet? It is the original diet of human beings before agriculture and cooking ever came about. People ate raw meat (and sea food, and lake food, and river food), raw fruits, some raw vegetables, raw nuts, raw tubers. From that wide variety of sources, our human body is specifically fueled for. They are the cleanest, most nutritious, easiest to digest foods on earth. Stuff you can eat without processing.

The problem with people today is they are so brainwashed on civilization and commercialism and restaurants and cooking shows they have forgotten what it is to be truly human. Something like those of the “Survivor” TV shows. But of course we humans would choose where the food is plenty, maybe near the shores or the rivers where you have access to sea food, river food, as well as land animals and fruits and vegetables. Think how easy it is to pick shells on the shore and eat it. Think how easy it is to spear fish or catch fish or catch crabs and shrimps. Think how easy it is to get eggs, trap animals, you set a hundred traps in the forest and you wait. The living is easy, the food is fresh, the air is fresh. No worries. Hunt, gather, scavenge, eat, sleep, have sex, tell stories, play, take care of the children.

Have you ever had freshly caught raw sea food? Awesome taste. Delicious. Freshly killed land animal? Lamb, beef? Super tasty and filling. Fat is good. Ever see how easy it is to get a few ripe in season fruits? These days, mangoes and star apples are in season, watch the children have fun getting them… see the innocence, see the fun. If small children can learn by themselves how to pick fruit, what more a hungry adult?

Always begin with raw paleo diet and lifestyle. From here you will learn the principles of true health. Begin with a blank slate of mind. Trash everything school, hospitals, doctors or scientists ever brainwashed you with. Imagine yourself as a caveman in pre-cooking times. Only now you get easy pickings in the wet market. Life is soooo easy.

Forget your gas stove, forget your microwave, the only thing you want is your refrigerator to store your “kill” of meat a little longer so you don’t keep going to the supermarket everyday.

Remember, no cooking, no heating, no nothing. No blendering, no juicing. Just your hands and your knife / spear. You will see your selection of food become NATURAL, which is original, which means it has to taste good as it is, and be filling as it is.

Yes you have to eat significantly more raw meat and raw fat a day. Not those tiny cooked portions pared with enormous cooked starches that is a recipe for digestive disaster. Thus you will get nutritious raw animal meat and fat in your body, and you will grow strong and well. It may seem like a bloody horror movie like dracula, but when you are really hungry, it just tastes so good and so refreshingly invigorating.

None of that artificially purified water, do you artificially filter your air to breath? Raw paleo diet food is thirst quenching. Eat a refreshing fruit, drink some coconuts, drink some blood.

You must find this all icky. If you do, then you have forgotten how to be human. The reason you may be sick is because you are not living the life a true human should. You are drenched in chemicals, you eat chemicals, you eat dirty cooked food, you eat foods that aren’t human foods in the first place… who’s the frankenstein’s monster now? Imagine your car needs 95% octane gasoline and instead you put in bunker fuel or adulterated gasoline to “save” on money… you think your car will run well?

You are sick because whatever paradigms, beliefs and “facts” you know are WRONG. If what you knew and did were RIGHT you would be healthy. So it is time to change the way to think. Let go of all your assumptions and join the Raw Paleo Diet forum.

The Raw Paleo Diet forum is not a scam. It is totally free. It is the most altruistic true cure forum in existence today. There are no advertisers. There is no bias. Nothing and nobody is sacred. If it works, it works. What only matters is results. You are cured and that is it.

The Raw Paleo Diet forum is a very, very popular forum. You think paleo diet in the news is popular? You should see the statistics of raw paleo diet forum… almost 400% more page views than the cooked paleo diet forum counterpart.

Average online per day: 563.54
Male to Female Ratio: 1:1
Average page views per day: 16,358.51

It shows that people are interested, people are reading. The collective energy and wisdom of international raw paleo diet and lifestyle practitioners in one living forum. You get to choose what will work for you. There are various practices of raw paleo diet and surely some will work for you.

Regain your humanity, regain your health, join the Raw Paleo Diet Forum now, visit

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