Psoriasis and Ice Cream is Just so Wrong in Many Ways

Father and son are psoriasis prone. They have adjusted a good amount of their diet and lifestyle. But seeing both of them eat ice cream is just plain wrong on many levels.

Saying cream is just whipped cream fat is wrong – It has dairy traces, factory pasteurized dairy, allergens.

Saying your commercial ice cream is just cream fat is wrong – It’s got chemicals you can’t pronounce for the ice cream to look and feel like that.

Ice cream is not found in nature. Ice cream is not a naturally occurring food item. Ice cream is artificially made. And the psoriasis sufferer readily shows his incompleteness in processing this kind of “non-food” in his body.

Ice cream eating is an addiction. I don’t care if you say you eat it only sometimes. Ice cream needs to go. If you do several vco detoxes, ice cream cravings will go away. The candida will be gone and not ask for ice cream and sweets, and you will be filled with a lot of saturated fat. So you will stop craving for the fat in the ice cream.

A big reason you are craving fat in the whipped cream in ice cream is you may be following a low fat diet, you need lots more fat in your diet. Good fat. Good clean animal fat, paleo animal, raw or rare fat maximum. And once you fill your body requirements with fat, you will say “nyet” to every ice cream offer.

Learn how to eat a high fat diet. Join the raw paleo diet forum at Or if you are squeamish about raw meat, you can eat cooked meat and consult at

The faster way to be 100% psoriasis cured is to stop all dairy, including ice cream. When you are fully well, then you start re-introducing raw cream to your diet and see if it will cause you to get sick. A small percentage of people are adapted to dairy. Many are not.


  1. I went to an allergy testing morning at a local health food shop and found that i was intolerant to dairy, as well as wheat. I have since cut these from my diet and my psoriasis is much better, no flare ups in over 7 months. I have also started using natural skincare products.

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