Over The Counter Treatment For Psoriasis that Works?

I have a challenge. I’m looking for over the counter treatment for psoriasis that actually works. I’m looking for testimonials from people who swear they weren’t paid by the outfit to give their testimonials. Is it a cream? A lotion? A pill? And has your psoriasis actually 100% gone away for good for months or years?

Call me a skeptic, I’m coming from the you have to change your habits, your diet and your lifestyle attitude. But I’m willing to see and review products that actually did good for certain cases. You see, the word psoriasis can be branded on anything a doctor thinks it should be branded as.

I have no qualms about people making money, I just wished they delivered the goods. The problem with our materialistic society is whatever is offered out there has to make money. But of course the most profitable ones are the repeat business ones. If products are so effective, people would hardly use them.

That is why altruistic websites like mine are around. As guardians of what really works.

Steroids and anything that disguises names as steroids are automatically out. These are immune suppressants that harmfully stop your body from functioning normally for the external illusion that your skin looks good. Immune suppression is out and out. Let’s not do this as this does more harm than good.

So come on, please reply with testimonials for Over The Counter Treatments For Psoriasis that do work.


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