Psoriasis Treatment and Cure: Luke’s Journal Teaches You What It Takes Part 1

Here is the full journal of Luke from Poland where he gives a blow by blow account of how he cured his psoriasis. Yes, psoriasis cure, not mere psoriasis treatment. If you are interested in psoriasis cure, read on and learn how Luke did it.

CURE CURE CURE. PSORIASIS CURED. What your doctors told you about psoriasis being incurable is a big fat LIE.

Luke’s psoriasis treatment and cure was made possible with the psoriasis cure outline at


Luke’s battle against toxins
Hello everyone

I decided to keep a cure journal.So you know about my case from orange juice thread, where I wrote from that time to put those procedures like:

-March and half of April was urine enemas time,
-then I was on watermelon fast for my kidney (it was 7 days i was eat only watermelon- some 50 kilos Wink
-3rd May first liver flush, was the Hulda’s liver flush with epsom salt, and was not powerfull like liver flush with apple juice I use after 2 weeks later,
-May 8,9 and 10 first of 3 parts VCO detox-is very hard for me but don’t give up Wink
-May 14,15,16,17 second liver flush with egg yolks and always coffe enema after
-May 18,19,20 second part of VCO, this was hell Wink
-After this May 21,22,23,24 next egg yolks and lime liver flush
-And 25,26,27 first liver flush when I was see green stones- apple juice liver flush, most powrfull for me right now
-May 28,29,30 3rd part of VCO thank all Gods Wink this is the end, but I’ll maybe try another in future,
-now I,m on the next liver flush with coffe enemas and egg yolks in the morning and eat a lunch time some lamb and suet from lamb maybe some dear,

Now it is my fourth day on orange juice fast.I decided to extend the fasting to four days for the first time.Becuse I wanted to do right away 2 days Edwin’s apple juice liver flush but I haven’t got apple juice yet.I must buy some tomorrow and drink a lot to 4 pm and then do my second apple jucie liver flush.I’m happy becuse I not eaten fat for four days, so the flush will be more efficient I think.

Maybe I can paste some photos soon.

So greetings to all
Be happy for all these days Wink


next day



Today i drink only apple juice and this will be my second liver flush with apple jucie.Iwas drinking orange juice for 4 days and i decided do one day on apple juice to 4 pm.I want to replace the epsom salt by coffe enema at 6 pm maybe 7 pm , drink virgin olive oil with lemon juice and on the next day morning do another coffe enema or two or one with warm water and 2 hours later coffe enema.I’ll use a hot-water bottle under the my right side and I’ll keep it all night till morning . That’s it by now.

I can not wait to eat my favorite meat with fat ;)This will be like a holiday Wink



next day



I’m after my 6th liver flush but 3rd with good results.I replaced the epsom salt by coffe enema.i did one yesterday and two today in the morning.

This is my result:

psoriasis cure liver flush results

I need a rest now.Today, I return to my favorite menu Wink

Maybe Today I will add some photos of my psoriasis.



to be continued in the next post.


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