Psoriasis Treatment and Cure: Luke’s Journal Teaches You What It Takes Part 4

This is part 4 of Luke from Poland’s psoriasis treatment and cure journal. At this time I made a comment of how Luke seems to be rushing his detox protocols.


Hi ,
I completed my second orange juice fast yesterday.It was eight days.Today I drink my apple juice.Tomorrow I will do next 5th liver flush. I have to finish with fruits now becuse I afraid of my teeth Confused .I must eat meat and animal fat Rolleyes —> I like it very very Wink.Wednesday will be my happiest day.I can not wait to eat meat & fat Big Grin.I’m crazy I know Wink.
I must put some photos.I forget abou this completely.
I wear my favourite tees and shorts and took some first tan on my skin in this season.The place where the scars were, are very pink now —. it’s like new skin like baby skin, older areas where I haven’t scars are normally red ( my skin always get sunburnst on red when I do this for first the time ).It is look very funny but I hope that this compensatory soon.

Greetings 4 all

Luke Skywalker

I also think about my teeth.
I’m trying to use the cure tooth decay protocol on my children. Lots of nutritious raw animal food.
Today I had an idea and I will experiment with an all raw beef diet for 1 week and see what happens.
I’m not suggesting the people with eczema / psoriasis do my all raw beef experiment if they think their digestion is not strong enough yet.

I know what are uou talking about.When I eat my paleo menu after detox protocols I use only lean meat, little bit of organs and animal fat.My carbs are very low – sometimes is ZC sometimes is few to maybe 15,20 in highest level.I’m feel very good in this option but I look for my perfect ratio protein to fat.It’s like 500-700 grams of meat to 200-300 grams of suet.In Poland it is a season by now for our local fruits like cheerish, strawberrys, raspberrys, berrys, red currants, black currants, black raspberrys.These are very low in carbs, some have a little bit of vitamin C others have got a very high amounts of this vitamin.But all have got the best antioxidants when they are organic or wild.So I eat them but not very much, like Lex from RPDF A one cup or 100 grams or just full hand.They are not as sweet like others fruits.

I think my ratio and my metabolism will improve and change after my “disease”.It will stabilizes I think.

I wrote about my teeth earlier but this was to my condition of hair and fingernails too.I was about detox like OJF —> this is very good idea and very good for leaky gut + H.Bieler’s soup even not raw, but long term fasting with juice, carbs only puts hair, teeth, fingernails in bad condition.There are no super proteins for our all body.
But We have to be hard to survive and tomorrow I will eat my favourite menu for long time.I will do another 6th liver flush, at the end of this month or maybe at start of august and I think about next OJF+H.B’s soup in August.Maybe also week or 8 days or first 2 weeks like in original.Time will show me Wink.

Luke Skawalker

Wow, better out than in.
Dr. Bieler in his book says green and dark green liver bile is toxic.
In his opinion, liver bile should be yellowish.
My guess is when that happens, no more stones are formed.

Are you eating raw eggs as well?

I eat 2,3 raw egg yolks per day.After 5th LF , there were only the stones and some wastes I don’t know what it was Wink. Green were only stones and only those shown.
Your stones at the beginning were green too? They changed color after all these fastings with H.B’s soup and OJ ?

Greetings 2 Ya all

Luke Skywalker

My stones were green. Then on the 7th liver flush and 9th liver flush I think I had black stones. I thought maybe I have been digging deeper into my liver.

I went to 20 liver flushes then decided I did not want to liver flush the rest of my life. So I did the raw vegan, orange juice fast, raw fruitarian, raw wai diet, raw paleo diet thing because I don’t want to liver flush anymore.

My liver stones disappeared after the 14 day orange juice fast. I think just eating 1 or 2 raw eggs every morning has liver flushing action in it.


Hello ,

I was in the woods this weekend.We’ve got beatifull forests in Poland.Sometimes you find a wild animals there. I and my girl broke up 5 litres of berries.I froze some , and others we eat in small quantities .

Next week we are going to my grandma and grandpa.They live in rural areas, where their friend have got a lambs.I will buy whole one freshly killed with everything what be to eat muscles, organs maybe eyes and blood Wink.Maybe I get the camera and make some photos Wink

I will add Aajonus green juice with celery stalks and parsley on staurday.And next wait to 6th liver flush at the end of this month maybe.

Catch my new psoriasis photos after 1 month prior:

First – my left arm, is the worst by now but very improve I think.Is still ichty but not so much and these are only single pimples :

Second is still my left arm but lower part – the dry skin is the new skin after my first sunburst this season and only few pinky pimples :

Third is my right upper right arm it is better I think then earlier much :

Fourth, fifth – my right arm – lover part – you can see these are clear areas Smile :

The last is my neck it is only little pink point if you can see it, but for me it is very comfortable and I am happy Smile :

Now I know this is a long way to cure all my psoriasis but I don’t give up and use my force with lightsaber Wink .

Cheers 4 Ya all

Luke Skywalker


Hi all ,
I was with my grandma and grandpa last week.I get freshly killed 3 months old young lamb.It is very delicious and tasty.I must to have a ranch like that man in future Smile .It is a great idea live out of the city and have own chickens, eggs, local bio fruits, maybe bigger animals.This is my dream now Smile .I was lot on the village when I was a kid . There is a great climate , are great people and life is much slower and calmer.This will be best option for my and my girlfriend to live. Dream , dream , dream …..but dream come true Wink .
I started green juice every morning last saturday up to this sunday and then my 6th liver flush (2 days apple juice – I have my own juicer by now Big Grin ) , on monday and tuesday.
Also I get the super tan last days and my scars are in very good condition.It is better and better day after day slowly but it’s progress Smile

Cheers 4 Ya all

Luke Skywalker

Wow, ranch. I have never been to Poland.
Please post some pictures of your family ranch.
Maybe you will inherit the ranch some day.

to be continued in the next post.


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