Eczema Psoriasis Detox and Raw Paleo Diet Treatment for Children

It is summer vacation time and time for me as daddy to put my foot down and cure my 2 boys of eczema in their legs. My 9 year old boy and my 7 year old boy. My 7 year old boy leans more towards the psoriasis side as his symptoms look similar to my own younger brother. All this takes is some detox and a lot of raw paleo diet… full time.

As some of you may well know by now, I am on a raw paleo diet and it has been working splendidly for me for almost 3-1/2 years. I’ve had a history of treating these 2 boys with a raw paleo diet in the past. For 2 months my older boy was on bloody raw paleo diet for tuberculosis, which was cured. And my younger boy was on raw paleo diet for 7 days to cure his left hand eczema that was eating it up.

Their mom, my wife, had been trying for some months her doctor’s anthroposophic medicines to no avail. My wife finally gave up on those supplements and creams and handed over the 2 boys to me for my way, the REAL WAY to cure eczema / psoriasis. I was waiting for this and the time has come.

Immediately every other day I gave egg yolk liver flushes to the 2 boys, a total of 3 raw egg yolk liver flushes using fertilized duck eggs, calamansi and some extra virgin olive oil or virgin coconut oil. I also gave them every other day kidney cleanses using avocado leaves tea. As for diet I switched them to a rawish paleo diet. “Rawish” because they have to adjust again to eating raw meat via searing. For beef barbecue sticks, I allow them to pan sear some 5 seconds each side. For lamb chops I allow them to sear 10 seconds each side. For vegetables, some few organic salad greens. For fruit, we have various Philippine fruits in season and they are all wonderful.

Progress after 1 week? 9 year old boy says he is 99% free of itching and the 7 year old boy says he is 90% free of itching. And their itches on their legs are healing. They are asking me when they will stop treatment. I said when they are fully cured. School starts June 14. I will delay them and delay them until June 14 before letting them go and eat a more cooked food diet. Filipino children going 7 days without RICE. Can you do that?

Notes about these boys:

My 9 year old is easier to keep on track because he has done a more stringent raw paleo diet before for 2 months. I gave him fresh raw muscle plasma blood every day and the meat was totally raw.

My 7 year old is the more difficult one to manage. At times he said it was okay for him to keep itching. I had realized that this boy has very low standards of health expectations. Because he has always itched, itching seems normal to him. I told him that I will have to put him on raw until he fully heals so he has a taste of just what it feels like to have zero itching.

These life lessons are meant to instill a sense of self responsibility for the children. To learn cause and effect. That if they choose the more “sociable” and corrupt food lifestyle, they get sick. If they choose the more natural lifestyle they get well.

A few days ago I got 8 kilos of lamb at 50% off and my older son can’t have enough if lamb. He wants to eat lamb lunch and dinner, lunch and dinner every single day until he is sick of it. Truly taste signals that he is need of this red meat and this red meat is beneficial for him.

I am also supplementing them with raw wild honey. Either in ice candy form with calamansi or in juice with calamansi and lots of ice… it’s a hot summer.

I will leave you with some pictures of this eczema psoriasis rawish paleo diet treatment 1 week in progress.

What is apparent to me is that eczema and psoriasis is a lifestyle disease. Eczema and psoriasis is a cooked food lifestyle disease. The original human diet is raw food, raw everything including raw meat. Which is hard for some people to accept because of deep repetitive MIS-EDUCATION.

My goal is repeat these lessons and then the children out of their own volition decide, they just want to follow in daddy’s footsteps, raw paleo diet, because it beats being sick instead of trying to be cooked food sociable.


  1. Must the duck york and meat be organic, no antibiotic, no growth hormone?


  2. You know organic is better.

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