Eczema Cure Photos Video Presentation: Inspiring!

Kudos to edithmorozin on YouTube for this inspiring photo collection of eczema cure before and after examples. She even included my own eczema cure before and after picture. Goes to show how dedicated and inspired this person was. And I hope you will be inspired too.

I know and can say that eczema is curable. And can be easily cured if you have focus and understanding of the eczema cure principles I lay out in the eczema cure protocol. Raw paleo diet nutrition, detoxes, nurture, pollution avoidance. Which should lead you to change, to new habits, things you do every single day. Doing new things leads to new results.

Whatever old concepts or old habits you have while sick… makes you sick. You believe in drugs, you believe in wheat, you believe in soy, you believe in pasteurized dairy, you believe in cooking everything well done, you buy poor quality cheap meats, you eat the wrong kinds of fats, you have never detoxed your body in your entire life, you are stressed to the max and you lack sleep and put chemicals on your body every single day. Wow! Just typing all that makes me feel sick.

But people like me aren’t insane, we are cured… think about it.

This morning I had wild ripe java mangoes and coconut juice and coconut meat for breakfast, at brunch 9am I had grass fed raw beef with its raw fat, at 12 noon I had lunch with raw blue marlin sashimi and raw sea urchin uni, this afternoon break I had a ripe raw carabao mango and 2 hand fulls of aratilis berries, maybe dinner I’ll just have some calamansi juice and raw wild honey.

Does my food sound alien to you? All of it is raw, wild, organic, in season, clean, easy to digest… and this is my habit, my every day habit. It keeps me healthy, and eczema free, and young and strong I never get sick on this kind of diet. It works.

It used to be hard work to change, but now that I’ve changed and the new habits are ingrained, it’s all too easy.

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