Virgin Coconut Oil Helps Cure Eczema in Some

I’ll get into a new stage in this blog and collect all the wonderful youtube videos where the eczema cures are authentic. It takes an eczema healer like me to identify the truth from the lies. Here’s one, a young lady espousing virgin coconut oil for eczema cure.

Notice she isn’t selling anything. She’s just giving her personal testimonial. Virgin coconut oil is a generic product.

I myself use virgin coconut oil when I have irritations on my skin. Can be used for diaper rash in kids or even adult diaper rash. If you have some fungus developing, virgin coconut oil will do it.

I know of a 2 year old girl who’s eczema got better when she supplemented with virgin coconut oil.

The rule of thumb is to only put what is edible on your skin. VCO is edible, therefore it is safe for your skin.


  1. Coconut oil indeed has many medicinal properties in addition to nutritional values. Besides relieving eczema and psoriasis, I have been using it for “oil pulling”. It is a process of swishing or gargling the oil in your mouth for about 15 to 20 minutes, two to three times a day. Then spit out the oil, which by then will turn milky white and then rinse your mouth thoroughly. This is excellent for your gum and teeth and over the long term, prevent your body from many types of illness, like diabetes, hypertension, skin problems etc….

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