Psoriasis Cure by Luke added in the More Cure Stories Section

I finally found the time to collate Luke’s extensive psoriasis cure journal from the defunct forum. I’m sorry I don’t have time to manage my own forum. My suggestion is for you to post at where I and a global of raw paleo diet practitioners hang out… you will mingle with the cured… where the idea of eating and living a clean life is what we do as normal every single day.

The more eczema and psoriasis cure stories section is here and also clickable above on the main menu.

All you need to do to cure your eczema and psoriasis is to change. To change the way you think, to change the way to eat, to change the way you live. Whatever you are doing today and in the past has made you sick and if you keep on doing the same thing, you will still be sick.

Never ever believe the shills who say your condition is incurable, that is simply not true. I and the people on that forum are living proof cures do exist and we exist and we would like to welcome you in our global gang of cured people.

Never seek recognition from the mass media because a sustained mass media campaign to trumpet out the truth of eczema cure and psoriasis cure takes a lot of advertiser money which I, this website or the raw paleo diet forum do not have.

Maybe in the future we can have a fellow cured friend who can organize a funding strategy to get the word out to cure the world of eczema and psoriasis and proclaim the truth written in this website.

In the meantime, enjoy Luke’s better organized psoriasis cure sture in the More Cures section of this website.

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