Quick Relief for Eczema

Some people have the mistaken notion that quick relief for eczema has to come from in pharmaceutical drug form. What a load of bullocks that is. The only quick relief for eczema that the pharmaceutical drug companies have are steroids… steroids and some other “immune system suppressor” aka some patented drug to stop the human immune system / detoxification system from functioning. Where the true function in eczema is that of cleansing the blood by spewing out the toxins / dirt via the skin… because the main stream detox organs… the colon, the kidneys, the liver… are all impaired.

The big question is, where do those dirt / toxins that were prevented from exiting as eczema go? Let us make some educated guesses.

  • The toxins are stored in body fats
  • the body resorts to making tumors
  • the toxins further back up for storage in the liver until you get liver cirrhosis.

Before the liver cirrhosis point the body makes a violent effort to expel toxins through your skin again and your steroids no longer work, so your doctor resorts to giving you more powerful steroids. And as the cycle leads to liver cirrhosis and blood poisoning, people do DIE.

How do I know this? Personal experience and personal observation of the eczema sick and the eventually eczema cured I help. I have seen quicker relief for eczema come in the form of:

  • colon cleanse
  • kidney cleanse
  • liver flushes
  • coffee enemas
  • vco detox
  • drinking apple juice (not from concentrate)
  • food allergen avoidance / eating only un-polluted pure paleo diet

Oh I’ve seen deathly liver cirrhosis saved by an emergency colon and liver flush combination.

Did you ever think that your eczema is just about clogged detox organs like the drain of a sink or toilet merely needing to be un-clogged? Sometimes quick relief for eczema is merely a plumbing de-clogging job.



  1. I couldn’t agree more as far as people having the notion that drugs are the cure for eczema. There are many drugs out there, but like most of them they usually only help the symptoms instead.

  2. Good Article!

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