Child Eczema Treatment, Child Eczema Cure – Part 03 Oct 8 Update: Acupuncture and Duck Allergy?

The great Sifu Sam arrived this morning for Cush’s acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine advice. Sifu and I agree on the principles of eczema. My son’s body wants something out. And something is polluting his body.

Sifu’s acupuncture will help my son excrete allergens and poisons. Sifu’s herbs will help expel even more and also help heal the skin.

Sifu’s best guess:

– Allergy to DUCK. (cooked duck to be precise)
– same as some people are allergic to chicken… from the looks of it, it is duck allergy
– and lately, this son of mine’s favorite food is deep fried duck. (I do wonder what the supplier fries the duck in, maybe that too)
– Maybe raw duck is better.

But for the moment we are staying away from duck… even duck eggs.

So it is back to raw beef and durian for my boy. I remember that combo working really well for him when I treated him for primary complex / tuberculosis.

Sifu did:

– acupuncture
– with mox
– then gave armadillo pills for getting rid of poisons / duck allergen (2 caps 3x a day)… yes the animal armadillo.
– gave a Chinese cream (Ching Wan Hung) to be mixed with activated charcoal to help suck out poisons
– Spirulina to tablets to help detoxify duck allergen

Sounds like a good theory so I’ll give it a try.

The theory about what people are addicted to or have as favorite food may make them sick.

And of course we are sticking with RPD. I got lots of good beef.

In the first place, my son on RPD can’t eat raw duck.

Pictures galore:

And video of acupuncture by Sifu:

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