Child Eczema Treatment Oct 10 Update: We see the Anthroposophic Doctor

With my wife’s insistence we see the Anthroposophic doctor. There can be no peace unless you let her get her way so we do go. Doctor thinks it is both a liver problem and a kidney problem… both need rebuilding. In the meantime she has creams and stuff that will help relieve the pain and avoid secondary infections on our son’s skin. We get a bunch of anthroposophic meds of course.

At lunch my son and I go to a specialty restaurant Oyster Boy to get some fresh clean oysters flown in daily from Iloilo. We order a dozen oysters for 300 pesos. Good clean and fat. Awesome oysters. My son ate 8 of them. Hopefully that pumped up his zinc stores.

After that we went to Farmers market to get some raw beef. Had him taste some.

We then went home and I got some time in my office.

Back at home in the evening our boy just had coconut juice, coconut meat and durian. Now we’re thinking we had better get fresh durian instead of frozen durian as the frozen durian may be affecting our boy’s health. Hmm….

At the same time we decided to kick out honey for now. That could be another allergenic source. So we are left with beef, durian, rambutan, coconuts, other fruit in season. I choose beef over fish as fish is usually too low in fat and high in protein. With his reduced kidney function we would want a temporarily low protein diet. High fat from beef.

Evening bath was hard. Boy shying away from the guava leaves concoction. Then onto the creams to help… more to assure the stressed mind of my wife. You gotta have peace in the home. Healing needs the healing of the household. Stress level of my wife was skyrocketing so you just have to give in.

Boy is getting worse before he gets better. Hopefully his worst peaks soon, toxins out, kidneys and liver recover and finished. Ah, my dream.

Tomorrow we are going to the religious healer Marlo as we try to wrestle with possible metaphysical sources.

Tomorrow we agreed on a coconut feast day… nothing but coconuts. Just 1 day.


  1. 10 October – We took our son to the anthroposophic doctor. Her opinion was weak liver and weak kidneys. Eruptions look like undigested proteins. She thinks son should go on a low protein diet for the moment. Wife mis-interprets this as NO protein diet.

    Goes to show us healers need to be careful in wording our prescriptions. And we go on a continuous argument about this fact LOW protein, not NO protein.

    Anthroposophic doctor of course gave her anthroposophic preparations for oral and topical. I agreed with the topical to sooth my wife’s fears and 1 oral to sooth her fears.

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