Child Eczema Treatment, Child Eczema Cure – 11 Oct 2011 Update: Metaphysical, Herbs, Raw Meat Therapy

(11 October 2011) – Supposed Coconut Juice and Coconut Meat fast day. Then in the afternoon a meeting with the great metaphysical healer Marlo… we drove all the way to Calamba City, some 1.5 hours away… 60 kilometers away.

Marlo did his metaphysical and prayer thing. Then taught a herbal technique using freshly pounded turmeric in a hankerchief and scratched on the weeping wounds to bleed. Painful for the boy. He introduces 2 other herbs for us to try in the future.

We pass by the big wet market at Farmers cubao and buy raw beef for eating and raw beef meat therapy. My boy hurriedly ate some 0.15 kg of raw beef, some 40% fat by volume over muscle. Quickly before my wife comes back from buying fruits. As she squirms at the sight of eating bloody raw meat.

I gave my son food so he can prepare for my plan for a coffee enema in the evening.

In the evening, we did the suggestion of Marlo to do RAW MEAT THERAPY on the eczema ravaged skin. I bought a big cut of freshly slaughtered beef and laid it on his left leg. It was there for almost 1 hour. Boy said it was soothing.

Wife cleaned up the boy with guava leaves concoction. But that seemed to negate the soothing feeling of the raw meat therapy. I believe this raw meat therapy should be left alone overnight.

Marlo says the theory is the waste that oozes out goes to the dead meat instead of sticking to human flesh. Sounds like a good idea.

The same time around 11:30am I called up Vander Gaditano and got approval from him to try coffee enemas on my boy. But this will have to wait as we were busy this afternoon going to and fro Calamba.

By the time this evening 8 pm that the coffee enema was ready, our boy was too tired and sleepy, it is his bed time. Sigh… so off he goes to bed.

Pictures of Marlo and Raw Meat Therapy are forbidden for public viewing at the request of Marlo and my son.


I look forward to tomorrow 12 October where we are scheduled to do some 3 coffee enemas spread out through the day.

I’m using organic coffee from Kalinga province. And I have a brand new enema bucket.

This is the same brand of coffee used by my mother in law. And I’m using her preparation procedures.

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