Child Eczema Cure 12 October: With Vander Gaditano – The Greatest Healer

Healing my own child at home is getting to be stressful with a wife who believes in a different paradigm of healing (anthroposophic)… and thinks she can mix it with my hands on healing eczema cure protocol — absolutely NOT and I refuse my son’s healing to be sabotaged by mixing unknown to me “medicines” where the efficacy of my treatments with untold side effects from mixing MAY compromise the health of our patient. There are just too many cooks in this kitchen.

At a crisis like this, you should never ever follow an ARM-CHAIR visit only doctor, you need HANDS ON, 24 hours healing. Adjust on demand. I am that hands on family healer.

I was supposed to administer coffee enemas to my boy at home this day 12 October, but due the arguments about mixing treatments and the negative energy surrounding the household, I decided to just “kidnap” our son and head straight for Vander Gaditano TODAY instead of the following day. I cannot have “contra” when I do healing… the negative vibrations are just unacceptable and may sabotage the whole eczema cure strategy. Besides, Vander Gaditano can do a better job than me… he’s a professional, healing is what Vander does, every single day. Vander is the GREATEST HEALER… think YODA, the Jedi Master… I’m just at the Anakin Skywalker level.

So my son and I did my office errands in the morning, car insurance inspection, release bonuses, write checks. Then just the 2 of us drove off to Candelaria Quezon. Took around 3 hours or so. We arrived around almost 1pm.

Vander was headed out the gate to buy some stuff for us. In his healing house there were many other patients:
– a woman recovering from cancer surgeries
– a woman recovering from a recurrence of her breast cancer
– a tiny 3 year old boy diagnosed of leukemia

Nice little stories from each. Listening to Vander teach and administer treatment on actual cases was just great for me, an avid learner with my own back ground.

My son’s treatment?

First, he needed to eat. There was pork sinigang with rice. He ate. No reaction.

Second, a glass of G-Power, a mixture of carrots and other fruits and vegetables juiced plus juiced raw goat liver freshly killed the same day from Vander’s own herd.

Third, pili nuts… my son didn’t like that.

Fourth, Zapping with a custom made zapper with Vander’s own specifications. Connected one terminal under the right foot, then the other terminal in the left hand. Then reverse later. First zapping session was 12 minutes. Second zapping done with the 3rd enema.

Fifth coffee enemas. First one held for 10 minutes. Second one held for 20+ minutes. Third one held for 15 minutes (should have been 30, but my son said it was time.) These were done consecutively.

Vander makes his own organic coffee coffee mix. He ads turmeric to his brew. He makes sachets. 1 sachet is good for 1 liter of filtered water.

The results of the coffee enemas was that my son was washing his butt with his hand and felt sticky stuff each of the 3 times. Now that sticky stuff came from inside his bowels or his liver. Maybe it is that sticky stuff. Mucoidal plaque? or other? That is stuck inside him causing his liver to almost freeze in its healing / blood cleansing functions.

After the enemas was carbohydrate re-loading. Vander gave a lakatan banana, then rice with vegetables, but my son said he couldn’t eat anymore, but he was feeling signs of low sugar, so I gave him a tablespoon of brown sugar and some water to allow him to eat more sugar. Some sugar under the tongue too.

Before my son slept, Vander gave him 1 capsule of an Amino Acid supplement.

A tiring and productive day. Well worth the trip. The peace of mind of being in a healing farm with assistants, patients, and the Greatest Healer, Vander, hands on… and I understand exactly everything that was going on… with no “contra”, was just absolutely great. My son is asleep, and just in next room is Vander, within easy reach when we need him at any time.

We are on the right track. Hope to have an even more productive day tomorrow. Child eczema cure within reach. We will be here as long as it takes. Not just to heal eczema, but also to setup a plan to beef my son up. This boy keeps getting sick. This is unacceptable. I was able to change my own health destiny and at 42 am at my best health ever! My son need not wait any longer.

Who is Vander? How to contact Vander?


  1. Morning update.

    A refreshed Vander theorizes what to do next with Cush.

    – He thinks further castor oil treatment, full power should clean him up.
    – He needs something to push in the castor oil: Milo? Coffee?
    – Vander feels this may still be connected with last year’s intussusception.

    This is the power and decisiveness of a hands on healer thinking about your case even while dreaming.

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