Child Eczema Cure 13 October: With Vander Gaditano – Coffee Enemas and Sticky Substance from the Liver

Last night the 12th was not a good night for sleeping. My boy was restless in the new environment. He tossed and turned and slept lightly. Only getting to sleeping deeply around 2am?

The morning was for pumping him full of nutrition. Raw liver juice with carrots, kamote tops juice, various fruits, high carb rice, some brown sugar prior to coffee enemas, the works.

Morning was colon cleanse time with castor oil. Vander thinks the sticky stuff yesterday came from the colon. Castor oil taken at 6:30am, first dump at 9am, then at 2pm. No sticky output. In my boy’s hand when he washed his butt.

Afternoon was coffee enema time. We were only able to do 2 coffee enemas today. Boy was sleepy by dark. Vander will have to schedule coffee enemas earlier.

Same thing. Pump with food and juices first. Then coffee enema.

Sure enough. Sticky stuff when my boy washes his butt. Sticky that is not immediately resolved with soap. Or so he says.

So it conclusively shows that the sticky stuff, the bad stuff causing the problem seems to be this sticky stuff from the liver as it only exits during coffee enemas. Not during colon cleanses.

The strategy seems to go at the sticky stuff and remove all the sticky stuff unblocking the liver. Vander also says to pump with more nutrition then giving my boy supplements to invigorate blood circulation healing areas it cannot reach right now,

So back to my focus on the sticky stuff. What is it? I’m wildly guessing here:

– in born drugs?
– drugs given him when he was young?
– old vaccinations? He was fully vaccinated up to 2 years.
– toxic cooked, deep fried duck cooking oil they were fond of recently?
– duck allergy induced mucus formation?
– all those various anthroposophic and herbal supplements?
– parasite waste?

We don’t really know and might never really know. But we have a task to do to clear it all out first and build a new and better body.

Vander tackles the issue of aggression, aggressiveness, that this boy is too civilized. There needs to be aggressiveness in shouting, fighting, exertion. Our fault for too early intellectualization… we learned about Waldorf theory later on with the 2 younger children.

We need this boy to sing, to shout, to get physical, into rougher sports… show some aggression. Be a bit rebellious. Hey, I don’t mind as long as he becomes stronger.

This evening he was being bothered of itching but I assisted in slapping his butt and his knee for comfort. He’s asleep now, hopefully he gets good rest to gain strength.

Tomorrow is another healing day to look forward to.


  1. I decided to wash my son’s butt myself to see what this sticky is.

    False alarm. It turned out that it was merely the castor oil used as a lubricant.

    What was interesting is later this 4pm and 5pm enema, my son expelled oil droplets evident in the bowl.

    My first guess is the fried food he ate this lunch time.

    Can it possibly transit that fast?

    Or is that old old oil? Not likely. I don’t know yet.

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