Child Eczema Treatment: Candida, Yeast, Parasites Angle

After days of no progress and ever worsening eczema spreading. No one is happy about the current developments. In my methodical search for this child eczema cure, it is apparent that the cause of my child’s eczema outbreak is not the same as was mine. (If it were the same as mine of old, Vander would have gotten rid of it.) This is different. We now go and see the candida, yeast, parasite angle. Vander convinced me not to use herbal dewormers. The verification and cure for this may lie in the beam ray sessions.

This afternoon 5:15 pm my boy and I arrived at Romy Macapagal’s Beam Ray treatment office. This time Romy had 3 beam ray machines running simultaneously. Romy is upgrading and refining his treatments. Romy and I talk about what has transpired so far and he thinks the first candidates are candida, yeast, and other parasites which is a big range. He and his daughter Aimee have seen this kind before and dug up their file of what beam ray programs worked for that patient. First session lasted 3 hours.

3 Beam Ray Machines running at the same time!

Child eczema treatment now:

We are scheduled for every day of the next week 7am for beam ray treatments. That should enable the beam ray machines to run through the various suspects.

Anti-Candida Diet high fat, low carb, mostly raw, rawish, rare, and some cooked. Rawish paleo diet. Avoiding rice, sweet fruit, honey… the usual suspects in candida and yeast. So diet will be meat, fat, juiced vegetables, coconut water with coconut meat, lemons in water. Meals are like fatty seared lamb, fatty seared beef… sea salted or himalaya salted to taste.

Supplementing, Romy Macapagal has ideas, but my wife wants the Anthroposophic medicines so we are using those.

Old assumptions seems were not right:

– that the problem was about the liver (mine, anthroposophic doc, vander)
– that the problem was about the kidneys (mine and anthroposophic doc)
– that the problem was about too much protein, so eat and eat a lot of carbs (anthroposophic doc)
– that this was a duck allergy problem (acupuncturist)

Boy hasn’t had duck for some time now. Vander did his liver, kidneys, nutrition and carbs thing.

Anti Candida diet is a very low carbohydrate diet. The opposite. As always, protein should never be high. It is the fat intake that should be high.

Sunday schedule is:

Wake up:

– egg yolk liver flush with chicken yolks + lemon juice + virgin coconut oil
(A good thing to do after last night’s beam ray, flush out the dead parasites and clear the liver.)

After 1 hour:

– 3 capsules omx probiotics (due to zapper and beam ray sessions, need to rebuild flora)
– kamote tops juice
– 1 tablespoon VCO

After 1 hour:

– juiced celery and some bitter melon and some cucumber
– 1 tablespoon VCO

After 1 hour

– coconut juice with coconut meat (help clean the kidneys because of the liver flush above)

Prepare juicy seared fatty lamb.

Repeat without the liver flush afterwards, maybe beef next time.
See to it boy gets up to 4 tablespoons of VCO a day. (helps kill candida, yeast)
Anthroposophic meds as scheduled.

Beam Ray treatments every day 7am beginning Monday for the entire week October 17 to 21.


  1. I’ve tested the juicer and came up with:

    – 5 small stalks of celery with leaves
    – 1 full lemon, remove the seeds, keep the rind
    – 1 cucumber

    Tastes good.

  2. Oct 16, 2011 – 8am
    Just administered egg yolk liver flush.
    1 lemon
    2 raw organic chicken egg yolks
    1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil

    Note that the above is kid portions only.

    Boy says he is less itchy this morning.
    Maybe the beam ray and the anthroposophic medicines are both working.

    I need to go out and buy cloth diapers as they may be gentler than towels.

  3. Around 9:30am boy had 3 capsules of OMX probiotics.

    Boy did not like kamote tops juice. — cancelled

    Around 10pm I cooked him a small very fatty beef steak, medium done. Seasoned with salt and pepper. Pan cooked.

    — Then I went out shopping for lamb et al. —

    Around 11pm boy ate 1 guava. Good stuff. High in vitamin C low in sugar.

    12 noon I was calling home, but no one answered the phone.

    I arrived 12:15, they already fed him bone marrow soup but added rice!!! What the?

    The reason I was calling was that I was on my way and I had a full bag of sprouts to be used in the soup instead of that candida feeding rice. Add a big sabotage meal today.

    At around 1pm I gave boy 1/2 tablespoon of VCO.

    At around 1:30pm I gave the boy 3 capsules of OMX probiotics.

  4. In the evening this eczema flared up and his tummy and upper thigh were in pain and in itch. Too much suffering.

    We resorted to a topical steroid so he can sleep. First time.

    One theory is that he ate the egg yolk liver flush in the morning, but no poop the whole day. He’s asleep now. I should have given him an enema.

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