Child Eczema Treatment: Parasites are the Next Suspect

We are being very thorough with our boy, following the eczema cure protocol I had written in this website. Have done: Chiropractor treatment, Acupuncture, Colon cleansing with Dr. Tam’s and Castor Oil, Liver flush with egg yolk and liver cleanse with coffee enema, vegetable juicing with carrot juice, kamote tops and others also with raw goat liver juice.

We now need to move on to the next suspect: Parasites, any parasite internally lodged worms in the liver? Or sand flies?

Read sample of parasites causing immense eczema which may cause this:

I asked Vander to zap Cush thoroughly this evening with his custom made zapper. We zapped for 2 hours switching the terminals and switching frequencies high and low for external and internal zapping.

I have contacted Romy Macapagal for Beam Ray treatment Saturday 5pm appointment… today. hopefully gets rid of parasites and candida… in his experience are the usual suspects.

We have Barefoot Herbalist MH dewormer at home.

I can order on the internet.

What is the battle plan?

– nutritional, all raw Aajonus Vonderplanitz style, just like Vander but with raw meat, raw fat… round the clock.

– parasite cleansing with Barefoot Herbalist MH dewormer or Divina Supportive Meds. Will have to see results of beam ray if it is just die off. We cannot mix these two. It is a judgement call to make how the beam ray goes.

– kidney cleansing with avocado leaves tea, drink coconut juice round the clock, as more die offs are expected

– Probiotics OMX. Please buy a full box tomorrow at OPTA. (need to restore flora due to zapping)

(no more coffee enemas for now). We may do warm water enemas nightly to catch die off parasites.

I have to tell you that this troubling. I had expected that what we did would have made him well immediately by now. The eczema symptoms had gotten worse and spreading. It is tiring for the boy to itch and scratch. I help him at night and other times by slapping him with a towel on.

This evening, probably due to Vander’s efforts, the boy expelled much fluid and we wound up using 3 towels this evening. Nicotinic acid, 2 hour zapping, juicing, enemas.

Our boy is very good at holding coffee enemas. 25 to 30 minutes is no problem for him. Just distract him with a movie.

Vander thinks the boy is grossly malnourished (I think this is true) He needs to be beefed up and made physically active, and aggressive to raise his energy levels.

We will have to continue super nutrition with him. Raw paleo diet at super nutrition levels as described by Aajonus Vonderplanitz.

There must absolutely be no painful topicals on the boy. The boy is traumatized at coming home thinking the people there concentrate on cleaning his painful wounds. We have to respect his pain. Sifu said that too. Besides, the weeping is cleansing anyway.

The boy is in no shape to go to school and this illness may take a while. Do not pressure him.

There is a reality that he may have to skip a grade. That is not important, I have to stress that and we need to accept this.

I hope that this beam ray / parasite cleansing angle proves to be a winner. For all we know, this may be sand fly bites gone bad from school like what I had from Boracay in 1994 only worse in his weakened state, it’s gotten worse, or it may be some other parasites.

I am reminding loved ones to not curse the eczema. We should actually thank the eczema for saving our boy’s life and keeping him alive. Maybe parasite wastes in his body and liver are just so bad, the body can only cope by expelling toxins through the skin. Stop treating the symptoms. The battle is internal.

If this is leishmaniasis, poring antibiotic capsule contents such as amoxicillin will do it.

*** Update 7:30am ***

Vander and I discussed the options, along with the boy’s inputs. This is what we came up with:

– Vander thinks now is not the time for herbal dewormers. They have poisons. What is more important is for the boy to rehabilitate to eat and eat and eat.

– I asked Vander if my boy’s suggestion that I feed him raw meat and raw fat meals while with Vander is fine with Vander as long as the boy eats a lot.

– We are scheduled to go to the Beam Ray treatment 5pm in Magallanes Subdivision just at the exit of the south high way.

– We will have to sleep in Marikina tonight.

– Sunday morning we will just re-supply. With movies. With raw beef, raw fat, raw bone marrow, raw fish.

– Sunday late morning we drive on back to Candelaria at Vander’s.

– Boy requested specifically to be at Vander’s as he says he wants to get well fast.

– No Divina meds for now as these may interfere with Vander’s healing expectations.

*** Update 10 pm ***

We just finished 3 hours of Beam Ray at Romy Macapagal. Will do more Beam Rays next week everyday beginning Monday 7am to Friday.

Prime suspect is candida, yeast, fungus, mold, chicken fleas, stray cat stuff, sand fly bites at school. So all those and more in the beam ray program.

The supportive supplement stuff will be taken cared of by the Anthroposophic Medicines.

The diet will have to be an anti-candida diet. High fat, low carbohydrate. So all the old advice of getting more carbs will be reversed because of this new scenario.

Skin looks worst than it has ever been. No one is happy right now.


  1. Hi,
    I have suffered from chronic Eczema due to what I believe may have been
    a spider bite, for a period of four years, during this time have seen
    ten doctors and a specialist and tried just about every pill, lotion,
    cream and powder there is to no avail. After much burning, pain and
    itching, started taking Zeolite powder, (about eight teaspoons a day).
    After three weeks it has almost gone.The extensive research that I have
    done on Eczema in that four years has led me to believe that it is a
    virus. Zeolite, is a finely ground volcanic rock which has a
    microscopic cage like structure (my brother-in-law is a geologist and
    understands the technical side), it traps viruses and toxins and is
    quite safe to comsume. It is important that you use pure Zeolite powder,
    there are some dubious sites around, I bought mine in bulk from They are in West Australia, (Australian Zeolite
    is claimed to be the purest in the world). Incidentally I have no
    financial affiliation with Nikita Naturals. My advice is to research
    Zeolite, there is a considerable amount of information to found online.
    Best of Luck

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