Child Eczema Cure Progress Oct 17 Evening: Vinegar Enema vs Intestinal Candida, Yeast Infection, Fungus

Amazing developments today October 17, 2011 the entire day. Me the father / healer will not rest until my son is totally cured. My day began before 5am as I scooted around for supplies before we left the house at 6:15am to meet our 7am appointment with the Beam Ray treatments of Romy Macapagal and daughter Aimee.

At the Beam Ray treatment office, we took a long time. Until 12 noon. At the end we got mixed in with some people who had the Lupus program running, they thought that may be beneficial.

Interesting pendulum testing. Romy holds my boy’s hand and asks pertinent questions that can be answered by yes or no and the pendulum swings. Awesome stuff. Believe it or not.

We are convinced that the problem is intestinal candida, yeast infection, fungus… all of the above.

Cream. Aimee gave us a Chinese cream. Romy says this is more effective than any steroid creams, without the steroid side effects of shutting down your adrenals. Great stuff he says with his personal experience and the experience of other patients. Plus it is super cheap.

On the way home, I passed by the wet market and bought stuff. Food. Which reminds me, I forgot to have the clams cooked and served for the other kids. My mind is just on this 1 kid.


Back at home, my wife and I were talking. I said definite candida. She says her Palawan supplement supplier Lawiswis has a supplement that claims anti-candida and it has been working well with her. I asked her to call up the maker, Jet, and ask him for the therapeutic dose.

While talking with Jet, I asked my wife to pick Jet’s brain about our son’s case, yes, let him talk and we will dig up what nuggets we can find. We picked up the vinegar enema concept for our son.

Vinegar Enema Jet’s formula:

4 tablespoons real Tuba vinegar
1 liter filtered water

Use as enema.

That sounded really easy. I poked around the internet and saw a lot of people were into this and had good success with apple cider vinegar enemas.

I proceeded to test all the vinegars in the house. Yes, we did have apple cider vinegar, american brand, but Jet says he thinks Tuba vinegar is the best. I found the most powerful Tuba vinegar in our dozen gallons of vinegar and test that on myself.

Parents must test on themselves first!

I took a less concentrated dose of 2 tablespoons tuba vinegar in 1 liter of water. I tested it on myself, just 2 minutes and I pooped my guts out. Then another 5 minutes for testing on my intestines, yes, the is vinegar enema seems safe. Safe enough for my boy.

Vinegar enema results as reported in the raw paleo diet forum:

We know now that the root cause is Candida – Yeast – Fungus, those idiots.

Beam Ray is direct hit at those culprits… and it is intestinal

But the problem was the boy had his first beam ray session Saturday evening.
And he did not poop the whole of Sunday.

From talking with a fellow health advocate, we picked up vinegar enema for candida.

My son needed an enema anyway in the evening to clear his guts.

But I have no experience with a vinegar enema, so I did 2 consecutive vinegar enemas on myself first.

Feeling confident that the mixture I did was safe, I gave my son 2 consecutive vinegar enemas too.

Sure enough 1st blow smelled really bad…

2nd blow had lots more.

Should have done a 3rd one but it was too late at night.

I believe the vinegar enemas are a great addition to this healing protocol.

Beam ray in the morning must be followed up by vinegar enemas. I may adjust the strength of the vinegar enemas, but of course test it on myself first.

Let’s wait for my boy to wake up tomorrow and see if he slept better and improved a bit.


  1. Sir can you furnish us the address of the person with the beam ray and any contact number so we can visit? Thanks

  2. Beam Ray expert is Romy Macapagal: 0917-796-4850

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