Child Eczema Cure 18 Oct Progress: Breakthrough! Raw Paleo Diet Very Low Carb, Vinegar Enema, Beam Ray, Anthroposophic Meds

Break through in this eczema cure adventure of our 10 year old boy. He woke up this morning to healing wounds. You can plainly see them. They are reversing course. They are drying up, healing up. The worst peaked last night. After the vinegar enema, the healing started. I will explain why.

The aggravation of this skin condition went with the forgivable mis-diagnosis of liver and kidney problems, and that the boy should go on minimal protein and high carbs. That fed the candida, yeast, fungus even more so the eczema raged further more as more wastes of these organisms needed to be expelled by the body. Not only was it being expelled as itchy and in fluid form, it was also painful… infected?

Friday evening I gave up on high carb treatment and suspected parasites (worms, candida, yeast, fungus) so I called the Beam Ray man Romy Macapagal and got a slot for Saturday 5pm.

Saturday 5pm was Cush’s first beam ray treatment, we were there until 9pm. No time to poop.

Sunday morning I administered an egg yolk liver flush, but no poop the whole of Sunday. Imagine those dead beam rayed organisms with their decaying bodies and toxins overloading the little boy’s body. His skin condition got worse.

Monday morning beam ray session 7:15am to 12 noon. More dead organisms, but none pooped out yet. It has to be pooped out because the organisms are in the intestinal tract. Not in the blood.

Good thing monday afternoon while discussing with my wife, she suggested a supplement she was taking made by a healer in Palawan. It said anti-candida, etc. So I asked her to call Mr. Jet and ask him for the therapeutic dose. She told Jet about our son’s problem with candida, yeast, etc. Jet immediately suggested vinegar enema, use local tuba vinegar he says is better than apple cider vinegar imported.

Jet’s vinegar enema formula was:

4 tablespoons
1 liter of filtered water.

I checked the internet for vinegar enemas and found them popular specifically for candida and yeast infections. At the same time I wanted to give the boy a water enema because I noted that he has not pooped for 2 beam ray sessions.

I know from experience the very first time I had a beam ray treatment in my life was that I peed the smelliest pee and I pooped the most abundant poop. Full of those dead organisms in my body. Beam ray is awesome stuff.

Problem with the vinegar enema is I had never ever done such an enema. There are dangers in everything you do. But I remember my lessons from Barefoot Herbalist MH, you do unto yourself first as a parent before you do unto your child.

I asked my wife to volunteer and I’ll stick the test vinegar enema in her. She declined. Said she had her menstrual period. So I became the guinea pig / test subject.

I has 12 gallons of tuba vinegar at home and I had to do a taste test on all of them and chose the top most powerful vinegar. I tasted 1 tablespoon in 1 liter of water. Too weak. I tasted with 2 tablespoons of vinegar i 1 liter of water. Seems good enough with just the right bite.

I did the first part of the vinegar enema on myself. 2 minutes. I blew poop. And then 5 minutes. Blew again. I shortened my personal experiment because it was getting late and my son needed this more than me.

Finally I was able to get to my boy and the promise of fast wellness with the vinegar enema was laid out. It was a struggle just getting the enema nozzle in his butt, I couldn’t get the right angle and so I asked him to help guide that nozzle himself. Great. We are in.

This boy holds enemas really long. His first enema was 20+ minutes. He blew awful stinky black poop. Stinked up the toilet and the entire room my wife had to open the windows. Ha ha, break through… that much stuck in his gut must have been making him sick.

On to the 2nd enema, 30 minutes. He blew a lot of still brown stuff. I thought it would be clear white, but apparently we are not there yet. It was almost 9pm so we had to stop and let him sleep.

To distract the boy during enemas, we had him watch his favorite movies on my laptop.

Ah well job well done. I sensed this would be a break through. All he needed to do was sleep. We have a 7am beam ray appointment.

My wife said through the night the boy still itched. But at least the pains were gone. My wife left at 4am to catch a flight and did not see daylight with the boy. At 7am my wife was texting me about how horrid things were still. She didn’t see our boy in the morning.

At 6am I saw the boy and saw straight and true, our breakthrough was indeed true. The healing had begun. What had peaked in crisis the past 2 days is now over and the healing is happening. The vinegar enema was the missing piece.

Current Beam Ray programs running in 3 machines this 7:30am to 11 am October 18, 2011:

Darn we forgot the anthroposophic meds at home so I asked the driver to send it to our location. Boy got to drink anthroposophic meds at 9:55am which were meant for 6am. Ah well, things slide so we will just slide it.

We relayed this great info to Mr. Romy and daughter Aimee. Great progress. They saw the boy, great progress.

Today there was markedly less pain. Just itching. And of course lots of itching again when the beam ray machines were turned on. When beam ray hits the organisms at their mortality frequency, the patient feels an itch. That’s how it goes. You know the treatment is working.

Diet this day is very low carb raw paleo diet with:

1. raw fresh coconut juice
2. raw freshly juiced green: cucumber, celery, lemon
3. fresh raw beef with raw fat 45% by visual volume.

You can see the only possible source of “sugar” is from the fresh coconut juice. This boy absolutely does not like coconut meat. So he will have to rely on beef fat.

He has a good appetite this morning. Lots of coconut juice, lots of raw beef.

Cush experiments with barefoot herbalist MH’s spray III.

Among all the topicals experimented on him, Cush judges that Barefoot’s spray III is the best. It is painful hot at first but it heals the outbreaks best. I have to restrain him to just 2 spots. It’s painful hot, but he likes it. He says it is healing and he wants to heal fast. I asked him to be patient. I said wait for the vinegar enema this aftenoon and wake up even better healed the following day. And then the following day, him himself with the spray III.

I feel the spray III dissolves the eczema dirt / fluid.

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