Child Eczema Treatment: Vitamin D Deficiency, Food and Supplementation Exploration

Seeing we have a plan already for candida, yeast, fungi etc. with the beam ray sessions. I would like to address possible Vitamin D deficiency. The boy looks like it, he’s small, small bones, had tuberculosis… he’s a candidate for vitamin D deficiency all right.

What to eat? From my research, these are the foods available in my city that are rich in Vitamin D:

– sardines (cooked and bottled)
– raw ocean shrimp ( he loves this)
– raw liver
– raw oysters
– raw clams
– salmon (farmed, imported)

I got suggestions to buy Vitamin D supplements from NOW. And I read that cod liver oil is the highest. I just don’t know yet where to get good cod liver oil. Blue ice fermented cod liver oil?

Must learn more. Must learn fast. I need to go shopping tomorrow. I’ll also get my boy a blood test and check for lots of stuff including nutritional deficiencies.  Especially vitamin d.  There is a Vitamin D – Candida link.

Must find Vitamin D3 supplements NOW brand.  I bet it is available in the many supplement sellers in Manila.

Shrimp nutrition

In this 170 gram shrimp, my boy ate some 100 grams, so that makes for Vitamin D 152 IU.  He will have to eat this 2x a day for 300 IU.  No problem having my boy eat raw shrimp this big, he loves it.  I don’t usually buy it because it is so expensive, but this is a special case.  So I’m buying 2 of these every single day.  Pair it with raw beef live fat which he likes too, and we may just pull this off.

While we await my order at Green Pastures for their fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter / Cod Liver Oil Blend.  I ordered via Fedex International Priority which should arrive in 3 business days.  Hopefully Friday.

Lunch was a big raw ocean shrimp

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