Went to the Anthroposophic Doctor Slow and Sure Healing Prescriptions and Fast Relief Too

We visited the great anthroposophic doctor Divina Hey-Gonzales in her office. Immediately she gave a cream relief called Thuja. Seems to have relieved itching. We went on a long talk to discuss everything we have done so far, I even submitted my grand unified theory to her.

She had great ideas like using aconite in baths to relieve our boy of the itches and pain. Then after pat drying, put in the Thuja cream.

Just as we have analyzed, this seems to be no ordinary eczema. For her, this is a foundational thing, a deep rooted incompetence of the immune system.

Lots of medications given in the form of anthroposophic medicines. Even the expensive iskador, used for cancer patients.

My wife is okay with all of the stuff given. I have no opinion as I have not studied anthroposophic medicine to give an opinion. Remember that I am just half a parent.

Doc Divina’s opinion about the supplements and food given is that they are steroid like… such as durian (really?), dragon fruit (really?) and the Sanchi Yae (ginseng like she thinks).

For the blood purifier Sanchi Yae, she thinks it’s not a good idea to give that if there was no real doctor managing it. That’s pretty good advice, so I contacted the doctor backing it, the new distributor president Dr. Austria.

Divina wants a root strengthening of our boy and some of the anthroposophic meds she’s giving will go on for 6 months to a year. I don’t mind.

She also suggested activities for our boy while on sick vacation.

She tossed the ball in the air regarding our son resting from school for 1 year. I don’t mind. My wife does mind. But as Dr. Divina says, let’s finish this crisis first.

Attached are photos of her prescriptions.

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