Child Eczema Treatment Root Cause: Compromised Immune System + Probiotics caused Extreme Fungal / Candida / Yeast Infection

This is taken from the raw paleo diet forum where I compile what I do for my child. There’s no real time to blog so much or work because I’m on this case almost 24 hours a day.

We have a new ROOT CAUSE theory for this eczema / fungal infection.

It seems to have been caused by him (10 years old) being given a Probiotic, along with his younger brother (8 years old), plus added raw eggs to their diet, just a week before it all broke out.

Both of them had ugly eczema like lesions on their legs and their arms. My wife figured they needed more fat via raw duck eggs and probiotics, our usual staple for emergencies is Probiotic Quattro.

Our 8 year old robust son quickly improved.

While our 10 year old immune compromised son broke out in this terrible eczema.

I have been reading about probiotic side effects and there are reports about immune system compromised people who break out in fungal infections due to probiotics.

We had already figured out that he may be allergic to that probiotic brand so since yesterday we have been giving him another brand (Regenesis). But due to the risk involved, we would rather stop giving probiotics altogether.

The anthroposophic meds should help him improve, as well as some vitamins and supplements and raw paleo diet.

Other supplements:
– Transfer Factor (indicated by zyto testing)
– Cod Liver Oil
– Vit D3
– Pantethonic Acid / B5 (indicated by zyto testing)
– B complex (indicated by zyto testing)

Today he ate in the morning:

Egg yolk, lemon and virgin coconut oil

Later Kamias and salt

Drink is lemon + a touch of raw wild honey

Later romain lettuce + canned tuna (he was craving for this) + raw mayonnaise

Later soup of bones + raw mung sprouts + raw bone marrow + raw liver + raw heart
This soup he really liked.

Hopefully this evening will be good.

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