Child Eczema Treatment: Zyto Analysis, Oregano Oil, Transfer Factor

We did Zyto analysis which is a space age version of muscle testing so we came up with a big bunch of reports which proved useful.

Boy is B5 and other B Vitamin deficient. We bought him oral vitamins. But thought it best he had b-shots from my wife’s anthroposophic doctor. So he got shots yesterday morning.

We also started giving him AIM Transfer Factor.

Reported in the Zyto testing that he is allergic to Tamarind… which we use in our sinigang soups. So I tell the maids to stop using Tamarind in sinigang. We will just use calamansi and kamias.

2 nights ago I finally got some OREGANO OIL in capsules. It’s not as powerful and pure as the one from my teacher barefoot herbalist mh (lost in the 2009 flood) but it will have to do. I just tasted them for strength and adjust the dosage and administration.

Now that we know this is candida / fungus / yeast, that is what we target… while building up the immune system, and seeing that my boy gets just enough carbs so he keeps his strength.

Put weaker less expensive oregano oil under the soles of his feet and for the scabs with secondary infections.

Had him drink 2 capsules at a time of the stronger oregano oil.

Had him put under his tongue a capsule of burst stronger oregano oil for direct to blood action. Seems to stop bodywide itching in a minute.

After the Thursday and Friday pooping which was encouraged by enema and castor oil, Saturday and Sunday he skipped pooping again. Monday evening gave him castor oil. He did not poop the next morning. So before lunch time wife gave him castor oil again. This time by 4 pm he pooped lots, but fully formed this time. Nice dark brown color.

Diet yesterday was:

in the morning,
– some cucumber juice with some lemon
– some dragon fruit (not sweet)
– romain lettuce + canned tuna (yes, bad, but it satisfies his happy thought emotions) + home made raw mayonnaise

– lemon juice spiked with some raw wild honey for energy
– plain white yogurt with 3 small saba bananas
– 4 big live clean raw clams (halaan) from Bicol province

– bone broth + mung bean sprouts + lots of raw bone marrow + raw red meat (beef)

Hopefully this day we will be able to do an every 2 hour feeding as described by Aajonus Vonderplanitz minus the dairy. Will replace butter with bone marrow.

This evening he got a bath with aconite for his lower half.

His upper half he refused but I got to slather him with oregano oil in his upper half.

He slept straight no scratching from 8:30pm to 4am. Then he woke up scratching so I gave him Pulsatilla and later 2 caps of oregano oil to swallow. He doesn’t want it under the tongue because that would make him wide awake.

His last problem is really constipation. He needs to poop every night or get a warm water enema before bed. If we get a rhythm like that going the last weeping eczemas will close.

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