Child Eczema Treatment: Anti-Candida, Anti-Yeast, Anti-Fungals Galore

I posted this in the raw paleo diet forum. This is part of our anti-yeast, anti-candida, anti-fungal campaign. We hit our boy hard on various anti-fungals we have that are deemed safe. At the end of the evening, we were rewarded with torrents of poop that seemed like fungus stuff.

Then some 3 days ago my wife tried aconite bath and onion cream as her doc told her. Seems progress regressed.

This afternoon, again we had to give castor oil. 15ml around 2pm. He pooped around 4pm. Boy said it smelled like Oregano Oil.

I have been giving him a lot of oregano oil orally under the tongue and gel caps to swallow.

I expect him to sleep more soundly this evening.

He complained about the tummy ache from castor oil. So I told him we will just do gentle warm water enemas around 6pm every night instead of waiting a 2nd day to give castor oil.

I had a big fit with him this lunch time as I was giving him raw oysters… he wanted to cook the oysters. I had to mouth off and lecture that he has complied with all the anthroposophic meds and capsule supplements… but he has not complied with my raw paleo diet treatments for raw meats and raw fats. I Always have to bend over and corrupt my raw food treatment to suit his idiotic taste for “cooked” food. And this healing is taking too long. In 2009 he was a more compliant younger boy and we did absolutely raw for 2 months until the flood came and broke our momentum.

I explained to my wife that it is 100% raw paleo diet that will save the day when it is crunch time. The people I have healed with raw paleo diet compliance heal much faster than this. This healing is progressing but it is too darn slow.

That was a good tantrum on my part. I got him to eat 5 raw oysters, taught him to squeeze some lemon on top and add a few grains of salt… expensive delicacy at restaurants called oyster rockefeller.

These are Roxas city oysters. I found a source. Cleaner than the usual oysters I get. Oysters for me are an important healing tool. Oysters have the most zinc, far far beyond raw beef. So just a few oysters will give you all the zinc you need to make those enzyme reactions to start repairing your body and finish all inflammatory healing requirements.

For fat today since he was not in a mood to eat raw bone marrow, I had been giving since yesterday 3x a day of blue ice combination fermented cod liver oil and butter oil.

I added plain yogurt to his diet and added in the fruits that he liked. Had him eating papaya and graviola in the yogurt. He’s happy with that. I’m thinking I can give my boy some raw fruit carbs while yogurt backs him up.

I’m experimenting for myself with Pau d arco / taheebo tea. I will probably be replacing his lemon water drink tomorrow with taheebo tea. (lemon water is hurting his lips now)

So my anti-fungal stuff are:

– lemon in water / taheebo tea
– dewormer (wife’s doc and I had the same dream)
– yogurt
– oregano oil
– pulsatilla drops

He just dumped a 2nd load as I was writing this.
This seems to have white clumps in them.
I’m guessing these are the candida / fungus clumps.
I’m just hopeful.

But my healer instinct and experience knows we are making progress.

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