Child Eczema Treatment: Garlic and Onion Room

Today is the first afternoon we do the healing room thing… my invention.

We cleaned up a small room.

Turned on the aircon and put a 3M Filtrete filter on it.
Also brought in the Bionair Air Purifier with ionizer.

I had the boy strip down totally naked.
I then placed around him 3 chopped raw onions and 6 crushed garlic cloves.

If I can’t bathe him or spray him, but I can have a room smell of garlic and white onions. And have clean and dry air.

(He was always wrapping himself with cloth.)

I figured since yesterday I put my foot down on zero cooking and zero heating and he is able to chow down fully raw meat and raw fat plus raw fruit he likes: papaya and graviola drowned in plain yogurt, I’ll get his intestines to heal. What is left is the drying out of his butt, his legs, his crotch.

We can see his butt drying out and going down his upper left leg.

I hope this continues to a final conclusion. Let’s wait and see.

All the anti fungals are running. I’m giving barefoot dewormer 6x a day. And his water is taheebo tea. His meals are either yogurt + papaya or yogurt + graviola / guyabano or raw beef + fat. And he’s taking green barley and wheat grass juice. And blue ice combination of butter oil and cod liver oil.

Plus the anthroposophic meds. And B complex supplement and vitamin D3. Plus oil of oregano internally 5x a day.

He got some sun through a window…

Seems to be working so far.

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