Child Eczema Treatment: Anthroposophic Doc House Call and New Plan for Orange Juice Fasting with Raw Eggs Every Hour

Anthroposophic doc just made a house call. Taught us how to treat various wounds for healing. Creams and ointments and how to identify which is which on the skin to assist in healing and see that the skin heals well from this traumatic detox.

Also gave a big injection with all these combined:
– Passiflora Comp.
– Conchac Comp.
– Batula Cortex
– Colchicum / chelidonium
– Methylcobalamin
– Borago comp
– Colon GI
– Cutis

This is nutrition and anti-hemmorhoid. His GI trac is not up to par so it makes sense to provide him with direct to blood injection to give him a boost.

We have the green light for orange juice fast with raw eggs from Palawan (that just arrived today.)

I’m also looking at doing Aajonus’ suggested dermatitis and verticulitis.


Note on the level of difficulty of this case:

– This 10 year old boy is immune compromised malnourished.
– Probiotics caused him to have severe fungal / yeast / candida infection which may have wrecked his digestive system.
– Old diverticulitis or colitis has plagued him.
– He is constipated and cannot poop without assistance of castor oil.
– Eczema is merely saving his life, keeping his blood clean. But at the same time the eczema is debilitating. Level of this eczema severe.
– He has tooth ache pains
– He has hemorrhoids making it impossible to do any further enemas.
– We are injecting him to make do with wrecked intestines that may not be fully absorbing nutrients.


Today the doc and I agreed the fungal / candida / yeast crisis may be over. So we have villi / leaky gut / diverticulitis / colitis to heal.

Tomorrow my wife and I and the doc agreed we will do a 3 day orange juice fast beginning tomorrow with raw duck eggs.

I will severely be cutting out the capsules and tablets so as not to irritate the gut. Anthroposophic meds will remain… no capsules there… I will retain the barefoot dewormer… I will give the blue ice cod liver oil and butter oil but removing the capsules.

The orange juice fast is there but it is combined with fat therapy using egg yolks and cod liver oil and butter oil. Wish us luck in the implementation. My wife sees the gravity of the situation and is supportive. I will be doing the same fast as my boy.

First thing is to get him to poop.


Looking at Aajonus’ Candida explanation.
That after the orange juice fast, we will just have him eat raw fish and raw chicken to restore organ function. Only then can we reintroduce raw beef.
Good thing we have lots of sea food and I have a good organic chicken supplier.

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