Child Eczema Treatment: Eating Cooked Food for 2 straight days, Regression in Healing

So my son had no discipline for the past 2 days and ate cooked vegetables, cooked fish, cooked rice. He takes advantage of when I go out to buy supplies and pressures his mother to give him something hot, something cooked. Now we see the results, regression.

His left arm is supposed to be on the way to being healed, and now is regressing, getting sick again. His right foot, also regressing.

It is a battle of wills. He has to be on a religious orange juice fast with raw eggs, some honey and blue ice butter oil and cod liver oil. We are awaiting the barefoot LBB to arrive, that will be added too to correct his bowel health and he can poop independently of enemas. In the meantime today I will be giving him Metazyme, a custom formulated vegetable supplement from Palawan that I will use in place of LBB for the moment.

I’m looking for ways to convince him to stick to the orange juice fast. From saying does he want to get well in the quickest possible time? And if he wants to get a 50% share of a book and video deal from sales of a future ebook and DVD of this child eczema cure adventure?

All he needs is discipline. We now know what to do.

We did another olive oil enema yesterday. Pure extra virgin olive oil. We got some good poop. Nothing hard, just normal poop.

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